Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, is set to join forces with superstar left-handed hitter Juan Soto for the 2024 MLB season. The Bronx Bombers traded Soto earlier this off-season to form a dynamic hitting pair. Moreover, the 25-year-old is expected to share the offensive production responsibility with Judge for the impending season.

Having said that, the Yankee’s success lies in the hands of Captain Aaron Judge. His production is perennial to ensure that the team makes it to the postseason in 2024. Moreover, a recent prediction made by an MLB insider over Judge’s performance in 2024 will further fuel the fans’ expectations for the impending season.


Aaron Judge Likely To Emulate Historic 62-Home Run Record In 2024!

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge swings at a pitch from the Baltimore Orioles during the fourth inning of a baseball game, Friday, July 28, 2023, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) (Julio Cortez / Associated Press)

As the 2024 MLB season approaches, anticipation and excitement fill the air, and baseball fans remain keen to see their favorite players in action. Recently, a bold prediction from an MLB insider has added an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming season. According to insider Bryan Hoch, all eyes will be on New York Yankees’ slugger Aaron Judge as he embarks on a quest to break his own home run record. Hoch says that Judge will use Juan Soto’s presence in the hitting lineup as protection to adopt an aggressive approach up the order. Moreover, barring any injury concerns, Hoch expects the Yankee captain to make another run at his historic home run record.

Aaron Judge scripted history in 2022 when he became the only player to have scored the most number of home runs in a single season. He surpassed Roger Maris to log 62 long hits and etched his name into the history books of MLB. Interestingly, despite missing over 50 games last season due to a toe injury, Judge ranked fourth in the AL in the home run tally. Thus, if the captain manages to avert any more injury setbacks, no force in the world can stop him from surpassing his own historic record. Besides, Hoch believes that Juan Soto’s addition will further fuel Judge’s pursuit. Soto will likely bat below Judge in the hitting order. Thus, having Soto in the order will give the Judge a sense of freedom and security to play his shots aggressively without worrying about repercussions.

Yankees To Move Judge To Center Field To Accommodate Juan Soto!

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While Aaron Judge will enjoy Juan Soto’s presence in the hitting lineup, the feelings won’t be the same when it comes to the outfield lineup. As confirmed by GM Brian Cashman, Judge will have to play everyday center field to accommodate Soto in the right field. Sure, the Yankees captain can play at any given position. However, the timing of the move seems unideal.

Aaron Judge is coming off a gruesome toe injury. He needs to manage his outfield workload to avert future setbacks. Moreover, center field remains the most demanding outfield slot in baseball. Thus, fielding every day in the center will result in wear and tear on the Judge’s body. Overall, considering Judge’s physique and injury concerns, it’s not advisable for the Yankees to field their captain in center field in the near future.