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Why Yankees Aaron Judge Endorsing Manager Boone Ahead Of Major Organizational Overhaul

Hal Steinbrenner, the New York Yankees owner and businessman, addressed the team’s woes last week. While speaking to the press, Hal reflected on the 2023 season and called it “unacceptable.” Steinbrenner hinted at major organizational changes by the end of the year. Apparently, the franchise is mulling “deep dive” analytical introspection in each of the departments.

Moreover, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman backed up Hal Steinbrenner’s claims, saying every personnel associated with the club will be under scrutiny and up for review. While Cashman has secured his job by developing a personal relationship with Steinbrenner, manager Aaron Boone could be made a scapegoat, as rumors suggest. Amid speculations, the skipper has received the support of an important player of the organization.


Aaron Judge Backing Aaron Boone’s Return Next Season Amid Job Threat!

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge are on the cusp of qualifying for the playoffs.AP

When Aaron Boone joined the New York Yankees organization back in 2018, Aaron Judge had just graduated from his rookie stage by grabbing the Rookie of the Year award. Boone picked up his special talent early on, and the duo ended up building a brotherly bond over the years. Both have been more or less each other’s biggest fans. Hence, at a time when trouble was mounting on the skipper’s shoulders, the captain didn’t fail to show up. Undoubtedly, Judge’s say matters a lot to Hal Steinbrenner since he is the torchbearer of the organization for the next eight years. Hence, before concluding Boone’s future, the slugger will be put in the loop.

So where does Aaron Judge stand? Apparently, besides Aaron Boone. Andy Martino of SNY recently popped up the burning question to Judge. He asked Judge if Steinbrenner quizzes him about his choice of manager, would his choice be Boone? “I’ve been with Boonie all the way since 2018. He’s the guy,” answered the captain. Further elaborating on the reasons for his unconditional support, the slugger said Boone has been with the players in good and bad times and has gone out of the way to support each and every player. The amount of time he has gotten ejected this year is a perfect testament to the skipper’s unwavering backing towards his unit. Hence, without a doubt, Aaron Boone is and will always be Aaron Judge’s first choice for the Yankees managerial position.

Yankees Captain Speaks Highly Of Hitting Coach Sean Casey!

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Sean Casey’s short tenure as the interim hitting coach of the New York Yankees has been somewhat of a mixed bag. After failing to produce a change early on, Casey has recently abetted DJ LeMahieu and Gleyber Torres’ resurgence. Having said that, the coach is on a temporary lease, with a return in 2024 uncertain. Amid this, captain Aaron Judge has endorsed Casey on a public platform.

He has been great. Good baseball mind,” Judge said. The captain feels Sean Casey has a unique way of calming the players down as he understands the intensity level of playing baseball on a daily basis. Casey always tried to encourage the hitters to go out there with a relaxed mind and play the best baseball, you know. It has worked so far in the favor of the Yankees, which impressed Judge.