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Why Stephen Curry Termed His Relationship With LeBron James “Complex”? Gets Honest About Their Dynamic

Stephen Curry and LeBron James are two giants of the game of basketball. They have achieved greatness on the basketball court, and their rivalry has reached whole new heights over the years. People often discuss who ruled the last decade in the NBA – LeBron James or Stephen Curry? Undoubtedly both proved themselves to be royalties on the court. King James did not stick with one team. And he went on to play for three teams – Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers over his twenty-long and illustrious career. LeBron James won four championships throughout these two decades.

Moreover, he is a four-time MVP winner. However, Stephen Curry is a two-time MVP. But he won four championships too. However, unlike James, King Curry has played for one franchise throughout his career so far, which is Golden State Warriors. Moreover, Curry is only three years younger than James. After all these two greats have been through, they are still good friends off the court. Recently in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Stephen Curry explained his relationship with LeBron James.


Stephen Curry Calls His Relationship With LeBron James ‘Complex’

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Marca.com

The Warrior’s point guard mentioned that they have a ‘complex’ relationship. Moreover, the three-point King added that to explain their chemistry, they have to go back to the time of a Sweet 16 game in Detroit. It was when LeBron went to watch Curry play in a tournament. Later, in his rookie season, King James gave essential advice to Stephen Curry about how to go through early struggles in the league. Then comes the fact of the epic rivalry between the 2015 and 2018 NBA Finals.

Later in 2023, they met again in the playoffs, but this time James was playing for the Lakers. Moreover, Stephen Curry feels that James is a great person, player, and competitor. But he can’t stop thinking about where it all started. The two greats from Akron, Ohio, have always maintained a positive and healthy relationship. But they are undoubtedly fierce rivals. Hence, it is not wrong to say the relationship is complex, according to Stephen Curry. 

The Epic James-Curry Rivalry

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: eduaspirant.com

These kings from Akron, Ohio, reached their heights of rivalry when Curry led the Warriors in four consecutive finals against LeBron’s Cavaliers from 2015 to 2018. Before they met in the 2015 final, LeBron James had a lot more experience in the finals, with two titles in his bag while representing the Miami Heat. However, it did not stop Steph Curry at all to lead the Warriors to build a dynasty over the next nine years.

The Warriors won three times in those four meetings in the NBA Finals. But LeBron James did help the Cavaliers end their title drought and Cleveland’s sporting curse. Moreover, Stephen Curry is a lot younger than LeBron James in terms of their debut in the league. Curry debuted in the league in 2009. On the other hand, James made his debut in 2003. But both originally hail from the same place, Akron, Ohio.