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Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors Source: radiozona.com.ar

Stephen Curry has been the talismanic leader of the Golden State Warriors to become a modern-day Dynasty, along with his comrades Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. It would not have been possible without the trio together. From 2015 to 2018, the Dubs have been to four NBA Finals, meeting the same opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The LeBron James-led side could beat the GSW only in one of those finals. That was in 2016 when the Dubs came out of a record-breaking season of 73-9. They did the unthinkable that year. The Warriors broke the Chicago Bull’s record of 1996. Moreover, the great Michael Jordan’s side had won 72 regular season games back in 1996. But Steph Curry, along with Klay and Dray, broke that epic record.

However, it could have been an icing on the cake if they could have won the title in 2016. Nevertheless, the GSW won in 2017 and 2018 with a new member on their roster named Kevin Durant. But then the Dubs had to wait a while to win a title once again. Finally, in 2022, without KD the Warriors won again, beating the Boston Celtics in Boston. Hence, the dynasty was still alive as they won four titles in eight years. But coming to the present day, it seems the Dynasty is over. The Sacramento Kings blew the Dubs in the play-in game. Klay Thompson did not score a single point. It seems the GSW will trade Klay in the offseason. But Steph might not like that move. 


Stephen Curry Can’t Imagine Playing For The Warriors Without Klay And Dray

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Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson. Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The Dubs started the 2023-24 season with a lot of highs and lows. Draymond Green received back-to-back suspensions and missed nearly twenty games. Even Klay Thompson started the season with poor shooting performances. Nothing really was going right for them, but only Stephen Curry was trying his best to help the Warriors win as many games as possible. Even then, he was not very consistent. However, the GSW eventually found a way to qualify for the postseason as the tenth seed of the Western Conference. But the postseason did not last long for the Dubs. In the play-in must-win game against the Sacramento Kings, Klay Thompson reached a whole new height of a scoring slump. In fact, he didn’t score any points when the team needed him the most. Stephen Curry scored 22 points, but that was not good enough because he did not get enough support from his comrades.

Now, it seems the Dubs franchise will take a strict decision to trade Klay Thompson and even Draymond Green. But after the play-in game against the Kings, as per the Dubs reporter Kendra Andrews, Stephen Curry said in the post-game press conference that he can never see himself without Klay and Dray. After all, they have experienced so much together. However, the most important point is that the franchise wants to win another title, and so does Steph. Regarding that, the three-point King mentioned, “That’s what I’m worried about.” There’s a looming uncertainty on the future of Klay Thompson, Chris Paul and Draymond Green. Clearly, whatever choice does the front office make, Stephen Curry will have a say on the final decision. 

Steve Kerr, On Behalf Of The Dubs Dynasty, Wants Klay Thompson Back

Warriors Source: Sporting News

Klay Thompson will enter free agency in the sudden cum shocking offseason. He will be an unrestricted free agent. After the disappointing display in the must-win game against the Kings, the Warriors can decide to part ways with the veteran shooting guard. But he has been an integral part of the Dubs Dynasty. He won four NBA championships along with Curry and Green.

Both Steph and Dray are still under contracts with the Warriors. But Steve Kerr said the team needs Klay back. The Dubs coach believes there are still some good years left for Klay Thompson, and he means a lot to the franchise. As per Kendra Andrews, Steve Kerr mentioned, “I speak on behalf of everyone in the Dubs family when I say: We want Klay back.” 

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