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Why LeBron James & Anthony Davis Battled For Austin Reaves To Make Roster In The 2021-22 Season?

The Los Angeles Lakers have a strong roster with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Austin Reaves. This same core helped the team reach the Western Conference Finals last season. Now the question is if they can win a title together for the team. Moreover, the youngest of these three players has been the new sensation since last year. Austin Reaves was only playing his second season in the NBA, but he became the third most important player on the team.

Hence, it may seem like he did not take much time to display his true potential. But it was not as easy as it sounds for the Oklahoma Sooners kid. And now, people are curious how his journey began with the Lakers. Moreover, there is a piece of new information that LeBron James and Anthony Davis fought with the management to get Reaves on the roster. How true is that? 


LeBron James And Anthony Davis Helped Austin Reaves Get In The Team Back In 2021-22

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: SBNATION

Austin Reaves revealed that the Detroit Pistons were ready to draft him in the second round in 2021. However, he opted out of that deal. It is because he was more keen to sign a two-way deal with the LA Lakers in 2021. AR has always been a big Kobe Bryant and the Lakers fan. Hence, it was a more satisfying deal for him. Later, in a mini-camp in Las Vegas that LeBron James was leading, Austin Reaves impressed everybody, especially in the Summer League. But The Athletic’s Jovan Buha states, in the mini-camp, James and Davis felt this kid was special.

Hence, they talked to the management about adding AR as the 15th member of their roster. Moreover, Anthony Davis and LeBron James told the Lakers front office that a two-way deal is not enough as they felt the Arkansas native was just too good for such a deal. That’s how Austin Reaves made the team, and since then, he has not looked back. The Oklahoma Sooners kid is just moving forward and becoming a possible asset to the team. He can be the center of the LA Lakers in the absence of AD and James, around whom they can build a team.

Inspiring Journey Of The Oklahoma Sooners Kid

Austin Reaves Lakers
Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Bleacher Report

In 2021, Austin Reaves remained undrafted. It sounds quite weird at present that nobody drafted one of the best players of the Lakers just two years ago. Since then, it has been an inspiring journey for the new emerging superstar of the Lakers. Moreover, he has become a fan favorite of the Lakers Nation and also in the world.

Lately, in the FIBA World Cup, Austin Reaves performed really well and was the most popular player in the group, at least in the tournament. However, he could not help Team USA win a medal in the tournament. However, Austin Reaves has his new signature shoe line. Moreover, he is getting ready for the next season to help the Lakers win a title.