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LeBron James gave a shock after the season ended for the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. He gave a cryptic message saying that he needed to think things over. It generally means he is contemplating retirement. But his previous plans were to stick around the NBA world till Bronny James makes his debut and then play alongside his son for a while. Only after then announce his retirement from the King’s long and illustrious career. Possibly, James must have been in shock after the humiliating defeat in the WCF.

After his cryptic speech in the post-game interview, King James posted an Instagram story with another cryptic message hinting at retirement. And hence, fans are worried about a sudden retirement announcement from LeBron. However, most of the people from the NBA world still believe that LeBron James will not retire in the offseason. Even his closest people are sure that James will play more in the future. Why is that?


Dwyane Wade Not Buying LeBron James’ Cryptic Retirement Hints

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Los Angeles Lakers will definitely need LeBron James to stick around for another couple of years to lead the squad. He is still playing at a high level coming to his 20th NBA season. Hence, it is a bit hard to believe that James will retire anytime soon. Moreover, King’s old friend and Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade are not buying the cryptic message of his old friend. Recently, Wade spoke to Shannon Sharpe on the episode of “Club Shay Shay.” He there revealed that he is not wasting a penny out of his pocket to believe the rumor about LeBron James’ retirement.

The former Miami Heat star believes that a 0-4 defeat in a conference final takes a toll on any player mentally. Moreover, when you grow older new players come along, and new generations make the conversations in the locker room not funny anymore. Wade even mentioned that the travel could get tiresome. However, LeBron’s old pal believes that the four-time All-Star is still the same old physical specimen. Although Wade knows that injuries that keep coming can physically break any player. However, Dwayne Wade is confident of seeing his old teammate back on the court soon. On top of that, LeBron James has a year left in his contract with the Lakers. Hence he would likely come back to fulfill the clauses in the agreement. Most importantly, the team needs to push for another chase for the title next season.

What Will Happen To The Lakers If LBJ Retires This Offseason?

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But what kind of measurements are the front office of the Lakers planning to take to handle an untimely retirement on James’ part? The Athletic’s Jovan Buha suggests that the chances of an actual retirement of LeBron James in the offseason is just 10%. But what will happen if LeBron James actually leaves in the offseason? The cap space will have more room for bringing young star-level players onto the roster. Apparently, the Lakers’ cap is not that big due to the top two stars – Anthony Davis and LeBron James. If James bid farewell, then AD may not waste time in LA anymore. He may want to move to his hometown franchise Chicago Bulls.