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Why Is Darvin Ham Refusing To Reveal If Taurean Prince Will Be The Final Starter For The Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers were on a role in the offseason, as they have been brilliant with the trade affairs. The 17-time champions executed their plans brilliantly. They kept the same core together, bringing back Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Max Christie. Clearly, these people played crucial roles last season. On top of that, the front office made sure LeBron James and Anthony Davis had enough support in the reserve bench as well.

That’s why Rob Pelinka and co. bought players like Christian Wood, Gabe Vincent, Taurean Prince, and Cam Reddish. Since then, the Lakers have looked balanced and deep. That’s why many experts and fans claim that, on paper, the Lakers are the most favorite to win the title next season. But it seems like the Lakers head coach has not yet finalized the starting lineup. Especially the fifth spot is up for grabs, as Darvin Ham indicates Taurean Prince might not be the fifth starter.


Why Did Darvin Ham Refuse To Speak About Taurean Prince As An Option For The Fifth Starter?

Rob Pelinka Darvin Ham Lakers
Rob Pelinka Darvin Ham Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Moreover, prior to the training camp, at a news conference, Darvin Ham gave a piece of shocking news, saying that D’Lo Russell is his choice for the fourth starter alongside LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Austin Reaves. Why shocking? It is because, after the last season, fans and experts speculated that the Lakers would trade D’Lo due to his poor performance in the last playoffs. Not only did the Lakers not trade him, but they now chose D’Lo as their fourth starter over Gabe Vincent. However, Russell has been performing really well in the preseason games. But the fifth place in the starting lineup is still up for grabs.


Initially, the battle was between Jarred Vanderbilt and Rui Hachimura to grab fifth place in the starting lineup. However, at present, there is one more name floating around. That is Taurean Prince, and he has played well in the preseason games. But Darvin Ham refused to answer if Prince is his choice for the fifth starter. Lately, the Lakers lost a close battle against the Golden State Warriors in preseason as the game ended with 129-125. Among the players from the Lakers who caught the eyes was Taurean Prince. However, in the post-match conference, the reporters asked Ham about Prince. But Ham replied, “Next Question.” What happened there?

Taurean Prince Was In All Praise For His Lakers Teammates

Taurean Prince Lakers
Taurean Prince Lakers Source: Yardbarker

Moreover, Taurean Prince looked good at both defense and offense. He scored 17 points against the Warriors at the end. Moreover, when the reporters asked Taurean Prince about the possibility of four or five players averaging double figures in more games, he gave a positive response. Prince said, “100%.” Adding to that, Taurean Prince mentioned the Lakers roster is as deep as it can get. Nobody knows when and who will have a night to remember.

That’s the beauty of having plenty of players. And also, the coach can throw up any lineup he wants. It would still come up with a great result. Any player can finish with double figures on any given night. Moreover, it is clear how much Taurean Prince is glad to be part of this roster. He was in all praise for the deep talent level of the Lakers roster.