Austin Reaves overrated
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NBA anonymous voting has taken the players by shock as the voting has been done on various subjects. And since the Los Angeles Lakers players are one of the most trending topics this year, their name pops in almost every category. And this time, it is Austin Reaves who is often considered the most overrated player in the league. But only two out of all the 54 surveys suggest that he is the most overrated player in the NBA. However, the sophomore has been a key player for the Lakers in this campaign.

Meanwhile, the player at the top of the list of the most overrated player is Trae Young. People often consider the players from the top teams to be overrated because of their roles in the team. However, Austin Reaves has proved his worth over time, and now the coaches and players have also realized his worth. And since the poll is taken anonymously, nobody knows who voted and for what reason. Therefore anonymous voting is just a vague parameter to judge any player’s ability.


Austin Reaves Is A Key Player For The Lakers

Austin Reaves is overrated
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The purple and gold have changed their whole season in the past two months. And all the credit goes to the new players and the existing ones that stayed. The ones who stayed were Austin Reaves and Dennis Shroder because they delivered for their team. Moreover, Reaves has been exceptional with his stats and overall game presence on the court. Even LeBron James appreciates the level of IQ he possesses and uses it to help the team. But still, some anonymous voters have managed to put him on the most overrated player’s list.

Sam Amick and Josh Robbins of the Athletic conducted this anonymous poll among NBA players. They wanted to offer anonymity so that they could bring out honest opinions on various topics in the game. But it does not suggest anything or any value to any players. It is just how NBA players view each other in the comfort of their own privacy. And as far as the Lakers’ shooting guard is concerned, he has been very effective for the team lately. He might have had a humbling start to his career, but he is worth all the praise he receives from his teammates and coach.

Austin Reaves Vs Rockets

The votes came in as a bit of a shocker as his name popped up last and immediately after his performance against the Grizzlies. It would have been mind-bobbling for him. But Austin Reaves was not always the best in class. He began with a standard contract with the Lakers. But due to his hard work and consistency, he started coming into the starters. A little bit of luck, as LA faced various injuries and problems, contributed to the likeliness of him starting the game. But now he is averaging 13 points, 3.4 assists, and three rebounds in every contest.