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Sep 27, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward/center Anthony Davis listens to a question during the Lakers media day at the UCLA Health Training Center in El Segundo, CA. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis led the Los Angeles Lakers last season to the Western Conference Finals. Now, the front office wants the eight-time All-Star to take up more responsibilities and be the leader of the team. They must prepare for the post-LeBron James era. When King James leaves, AD will be the only All-Star-level player on the team. Albeit, that might change if Austin Reaves becomes an All-Star before LeBron James hangs up his boots.

Anyway, the Lakers Nation will look up to AD to carry the team forward. But before the post-James era arrives, the Lakers will hope to win at least one more title. However, things are not as smooth as it looks. The Lakers still have a lot of areas where they must improve rapidly. For instance, why did the LA side lose most of these preseason games? Basically, there is a good communication gap still present. That’s what Anthony Davis talked about recently.


Anthony Davis Needs His Team To Get Better At Transition

Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers
Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers Source: ESPN

Moreover, the Lakers lacked a playmaker, as Jalen Hood-Schifino and Gabe Vincent were not entirely healthy. Since there was a lack of playmakers, the Lakers suffered due to transition issues. Even in the previous season, the Lakers faced trouble due to a lack of transition between the players. LeBron James was able to guard Kevin Durant as much as possible. But still, the Phoneix Suns had the better of the Lakers. In the post-game interview, Anthony Davis mentioned communication and efforts from each player are the most necessary. Moreover, AD added that players hustle back and run back but don’t find a player for transition. It really makes things difficult. Finding the teammate at the right place is the key, and then communicating to match up from there.

That’s why Anthony Davis points at the Laker’s transition defense as the biggest weakness they need to sort out. However, the Lakers Head Coach seemed pleased with the team’s communication. Darvin Ham mentioned these players in the offense, as well as the defense, are always communicating about where they need to correct themselves. Ham says even before he gets to speak to them, they are already on it. Moreover, Ham sees these players discussing different play calls and exploring all of the options available. Hence, Darvin Ham is happy with the roster’s communication skills. He believes they have a team to do something special. 

Can The Lakers Win Their 18th Next Year?

Lakers Big 3 : Austin Reaves LeBron James Anthony Davis
Lakers Big 3 : Austin Reaves LeBron James Anthony Davis Source: Bleacher Report

LeBron James would really like to finish with one more championship ring. But the question is if the Lakers can win the title next year. The team looks good and ready. They have balance and a lot of depth. That’s the reason why fans consider the Lakers as a favorite. Moreover, the 17-time champions have a good feeling.

After they completed their preseason phase they think that they might have a chance to win it for the 18th time after all. Albeit, they lost four games and won only two. But Darvin Ham tinkered with rotation to give each player a good amount of game time. It seems most of them are ready to take on the challenge of the new season.