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Aaron Judge stirred up a huge debate on the authenticity of the New York Yankees’ analytics department. In a post-season interview, the captain said that the club has been looking at the wrong numbers. Going forward, there has to be some clarity. Since then, the franchise’s analytics department has come under the scanner.

However, general manager Brian Cashman backed the numerical guys, saying that they are not dependent on analytics and, in fact, employ the smallest analytical department in the entire league. Amid the debate, a former Yankee pitcher weighed his thoughts and dropped bombshell claims on the player’s actual feelings about the structure of analytics.


Zack Britton Claims Yankees Analytics Structure Does Not Mesh With Player Philosophy!

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Ex-Yankee pitcher Zack Britton recently announced his retirement from MLB and has been extensively vocal about his thoughts on his former team’s current state. Earlier, Britton claimed the Yankees are not as intimidating as they used to be in the past. Now, in an interview with “The Post,” Zack raised doubts about the co-existence of the club’s overall philosophy and working structure of analytics. He said players are feeling disconnected from the numerical department over the disparity in philosophies. Many times, what players think should be changed does not align with the information passed on to them via analytics guys. That, in turn, creates a rift and a sense of dissatisfaction amongst the roster groups.

“I just know as a player there, a lot of times in the clubhouse, I felt like there was this disconnect between some of the things that we were presented with and what we were seeing on the field as players,” said Zack Britton. The former pitcher’s claims have further reignited the debate on the Yankees’ over-dependence on analytics. In 2023, rumors suggested that skipper Aaron Boone made on-field decisions solely based on analytics. However, Cashman dismissed those speculations in a recent interview. Regardless, going forward in 2024, fans can expect a decrease in the use of analytics. Captain Aaron Judge is already against the idea of using numbers to make crucial decisions. Further, the wide criticism will only work against the numerical department.

Former Yankee Calls For Changes Within Organization To Regain Competitiveness!

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In a first explosive interview after announcing retirement, former Yankee pitcher Zack Britton expressed concerns about the Yankees’ current miserable state. He said that during his time, donning the pinstripes was deemed a pinnacle achievement. However, these days, Britton met a lot of players who didn’t even want to feature in the Bronx. That is the most saddening part for Britton, who once took a lot of pride in being a Yankee.

Zack further added that the Yankees have lost competitiveness as rivals are no longer intimated by the roster. That needs to be changed immediately. Britton added that Yanks must brush aside payroll concerns. And should solely focus on building a star-studded lineup. That’s the only way forward. Because, the time of playing safe is gone way past. In order to attain success in the future, bold moves are inevitable.