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“Where Are The Others?” Christian Horner Takes A Sly Dig At Mercedes & Ferrari After Red Bull’s Authoritative Victory At Miami

Formula One arrived in the United States of America for the country’s first Grand Prix of the season. The teams assembled in the beautiful city of Miami for the season’s fifth race. Moreover, Christian Horner led Red Bull to slay the weekend by extending their dominance. The drink-based team won their fifth consecutive race of the season as both their drivers secured podiums.

Red Bull racing has been on an upward trajectory since the 2021 season, wherein they won their first driver’s championship in a long while. From there on, they kept marching upward, ending the prolonged dominance of Mercedes in the sport. Now that the team finds itself in an authoritative position, the team principal, Christian Horner, is not holding back. Recently he took a direct dig at the rival teams on the grid for their below-average performance.


Christian Horner Says Mercedes And Ferrari Have “Under-Delivered” This Season

Red Bull-Ferrari-Mercedes
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in action at the start of the race during F1 Brazilian GP at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Nov. 17, 2019. (Reuters Photo)

Red Bull won the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday as Max Verstappen took home his third win of the season, with his teammate, Sergio Perez, securing second place on the podium. The drink-based team is off to a flying start this season, having a winning record of 100% so far. Moreover, looking at their current pace of the RB19, it seems the Red Bulls will take home another driver’s and constructors championship this season. Meanwhile, Christian Horner feels the lack of performance from the rivals has given them a significant edge on the track.

The team principal suggested that the top two rival teams on the grid, Mercedes and Ferrari, were being held back by the lack of innovation and development compared to Red Bull. He suggested that Red Bull had made significant strides in the development of their car and that they were benefiting from the work put in over the winter months. However, along with their own work, the team has benefitted the most from the failure of Mercedes and Ferrari. Christian Horner further added he was surprised by the rival team’s underwhelming performance and wondered, “Where are the others?”. Regardless, the team boss is aware that Mercedes and Ferrari have identified their problem, and he expects them to work on it in the coming weeks. Hence, while Red Bull enjoys the comfortable victories for now, they certainly cannot sit back and relax.

Toto & Horner Once Again Engage In A War Of Words Over Red Bull’s Luxury Problem

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner
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Apparently, Red Bull racing is facing a “luxury” problem this season, as Christian Horner, the team principal, likes to put it. Both their drivers are chasing the driver’s championship title, and the point difference is minimal at this stage. Hence, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are fighting tooth and nail, which might cause conflict at the later stage of the tournament, is what Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, believes.

Toto said that he was in the same shoes as Horner a few years ago when he had to manage Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and believes the job would not be that easy for the Englishman. However, the Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, decided to snap back at the Frenchman. He stated that he would do everything Toto said but just a little better. Horner feels it’s a luxury problem to have as a team, and they remain committed to ensuring that both drivers receive equal treatment.