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What Juan Soto Thinks About Batting Second Ahead Of The Yankees Captain Aaron Judge?

Juan Soto has been the best addition to the New York Yankees in the winter. Since the arrival of the Dominican superstar, the NY side can see a big boost in their offense. Until last year, the Bronx Bombers had only one superstar hitter in their lineup. And that was risky. That’s the most important lesson the NY franchise learned last year. After Aaron Judge hurt his toe due to a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence, the NY side lost their way. It is because the 2022 AL MVP missed 35 games on the trot. In the absence of the Yankees captain, there was no other star slugger to lead the team to the postseason. Eventually, the 27-time champions missed the playoffs in 2023.

Moreover, they had the second-worst batting average last year. They were only better than the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. However, since the winter, the Yankees have made significant changes in their outfield and bullpen. Moreover, the combination of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge is raising hopes in the Bronx for winning the World Series. Lately, the debate that’s going on is about where Soto fits the best in the hitting order. Clearly, he will be next to Aaron Judge. But will he hit before him or after him?


Juan Soto Gave A Brutal Answer To Where He Thinks He Should Bat


Recently, in an interview with the New York Post’s Jon Heyman, the Dominican slugger said it does not really matter to him anymore. Moreover, Juan Soto mentioned that in the past, he used to be uncomfortable batting at second. But why did he prefer hitting at third? It is because he had never done the two-hole. That’s why it was tough for the Dominican superstar to do that. But then last year, he bat second for the San Diego Padres. He gained experience hitting in the two-hole. That’s why the Dominican superstar told Heyman that he feels fine to bat at second ahead of Aaron Judge.

Anyway, when the Bronx Bombers can figure it out, the duo of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto will be very hard to handle for the opposing pitchers. Clearly, the batting depth of the Yankees is impressive ahead of the upcoming season. If the NY side manages to keep the players mostly healthy throughout the year, they can go a long distance. Especially with the Judge-Soto combination ready to go all guns blazing. Last year the offense really let the Yankees down. But if Judge and Soto stays healthy, the offense will be the key for moving forward for the team. 

The Yankees Captain And The Dominican Superstar Are All Set For Big Seasons This Year

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The Judge-Soto pair have a lot in common. They are pretty consistent in finding ways to get on base. Juan Soto is one of the best in the league in OBP as well as walks. Aaron Judge is pretty good in those categories as well. It will be difficult to contain either of them for the opposing pitchers. Moreover, Juan Soto and Aaron Judge can together become the Yankees’ next great offensive pair.

They are among the best hitters in baseball. Moreover, they can carry an entire offense on their own shoulders. The Yankees captain is a threat to the opposing hurlers because of his gargantuan power. On the other hand, Soto gets on base as mentioned earlier, and has a keen sense of the strike zone. So does the AL MVP 2022.

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