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What Is The Condition Of Yankees’ Cap Aaron Judge’s Injured Toe From Last Season?

As MLB season approaches, the New York Yankees are getting ready for action. But there’s a concern buzzing around the team – Captain Aaron Judge’s toe injury. Despite feeling better now, Judge’s toe is apparently still bothering him from a big crash last season. As fans are already aware, this crash made him miss lots of games, and the team didn’t do so well without him. Hence, Judge says he’ll have to take care of his toe for a long time. This news has made fans worried, wondering if their star player will stay healthy. Let’s dive into what this means for Cap Judge and the Yankees as they prepare for the season ahead.

Captain’s Lingering Toe Woes

Aaron Judge, the towering figure in the Yankees lineup, is finding himself still grappling with the aftermath of a fateful collision at Dodger Stadium last season. The impact of crashing into the right-field fence left Judge nursing a torn ligament in his toe, sidelining him for a pivotal 42 games. Despite his triumphant return and commendable performance, the Yankees faced their darkest season in nearly three decades, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2016.


Judge’s candid acknowledgment of the care and concern required for his toe speaks volumes: “It’s going to be, I think, a constant maintenance… the rest of my career.” Such a statement not only underscores the severity of the injury but also raises concerns about its long-term implications for both Judge and the team’s championship aspirations.

Yankees’ Redemption Journey This Time

The Bronx Bombers, humbled by their lackluster 82-80 record last season, are on a mission for redemption. Captain Aaron Judge’s ongoing battle with his toe injury serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges they faced and the lessons learned. This season, the Yankees are determined to rewrite their narrative, fueled by a collective vow to reclaim their status as baseball’s powerhouse.

Aaron Judge
Yankees/Aaron Judge

Judge’s relocation to center field for the upcoming season is more than just a tactical adjustment – it symbolizes a strategic maneuver to safeguard against further injuries. His quip, “I keep getting hurt in right field, so I think that’s why they moved me to center field,” injects a dose of humor into the situation while underscoring the team’s commitment to adaptability and resilience.

With the season opener against the Houston Astros looming large on March 28, all eyes will be on Aaron Judge as he leads the charge from center stage. His presence in the lineup is not just a matter of statistics but a beacon of hope for fans yearning for a triumphant return to glory.

A Yankee Fan’s Pessimism

Amidst the fervor of anticipation, there exists a palpable undercurrent of pessimism among certain fans, encapsulated by the sentiments of die-hard supporter Keith. For Keith and others like him, the specter of injuries past casts a long shadow of apprehension over the upcoming season.

Aaron Judge
Yankees/Aaron Judge

As I listen to Aaron Judge talk about his toe, he said it’s something that’s gonna take ‘constant maintenance,’ and he didn’t get surgery on the toe,” Keith lamented. In his mind, as a pessimistic Yankee fan, knowing they lead the league in IL stints since 2019, he is just waiting for July or August to hear Aaron Judge is on the IL, his toe is sore.

As the Yankees embark on their quest for redemption, the saga of Aaron Judge’s toe injury serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of athletic prowess. While optimism abounds, tempered by the lessons of the past, fans hold their breath, hoping that Judge’s tale will culminate not in a tragic twist but in a triumphant return to glory. In a game where every step counts, the journey ahead promises to be nothing short of electrifying.