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“We’re Kind Of Threatened,” Stephen Curry Lists Change In League “Fabric” As Root Cause Of Warriors’ Struggle

Stephen Curry is the only hope of the Dub Nation to see their team in the playoffs. Klay Thompson has not been able to give his best because of injury-related problems. Draymond Green has not performed responsibly enough this season. As a result, he already received a couple of suspensions after the first 22 games this regular season.

The Golden State Warriors are again heavily depending on the three-point King. But every time, the Baby-faced assassin can’t win games alone. In the post-game press conference, Stephen Curry expressed his concern over the team’s current status. After the game against the Clippers, Steph Curry mentioned the change in the fabric of the league is threatening the Dubs. 


Why Stephen Curry Feels The Changing Fabric Of The League Is Threatening The Warriors?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

Clearly, Stephen Curry suggests the team is getting older and feel like veterans of the game. They are finding it hard to adapt as the game keeps evolving. Moreover, the GSW didn’t do well in the inaugural in-season tournament. On top of that, younger and hungrier players are coming up. That’s why Stephen Curry says they need to get a head start on this situation. Anyway, it has been tough for the Golden State Warriors so far. The evolving landscape of the game and hungrier players are challenging the established order. Hence, Stephen Curry and his Warriors must fight their way through the new-found adversity.

Steph talked about what really the suspension of Dray Green means for the team. He mentioned the team discussed getting the focus right. On top of that, no matter what Steph Curry said, the team will support Dray in this difficult period. Moreover, the Golden State Warriors will try and find a way to hold it down as long as Green stays out. Stephen Curry mentioned that everybody’s searching for what it means to change. The team, especially Green, can’t just keep doing what he’s been doing so far.

Dubs Need To Find A Way To Maintain A Winning Streak

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Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Lately, the youngster Jonathan Kuminga has impressed the Dub Nation. The Dubs coach, Steve Kerr, can let the young Kuminga play in the starting lineup for a while. However, it is quite clear that the modern dynasty is on the brink of a downfall. After winning the first few games, the Warriors lost six games on the trot since Draymond Green received a five-game suspension. After the first 22 games, the Dubs did not look like a team worthy to be in the playoffs.

Stephen Curry did not play in a couple of games, and the Warriors lost in those two as well. After losing to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Warriors were 10-14. Clearly, they are facing a harsh reality check as the Titans are falling down hard. The Dub Nation hoped to see the team win their 5th title in ten nine years. But the current situation brings up the question of whether they can make the postseason this year. After losing to the LA Clippers, the Warriors were the 11th-placed team in the Western Conference.