Aaron Judge

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“We’ll Get It Fixed,” Aaron Judge Makes Bold Prediction For 2024 Season While Reflecting On This Year’s Downfall

Aaron Judge re-signed with the New York Yankees this off-season in the league’s most expensive extension contract. He ditched bigger contracts offered by the Giants and the Padres to settle unfinished business, which was to win a World Series title. However, the 2023 season has not only been underwhelming but the worst in the franchise’s decade-long history.

Captain Judge, not in his wildest imaginations, expected the Yankees to stoop this low under his leadership. Moreover, there was nothing the captain could do as he was sidelined for two long months due to a toe injury, which still continues to bother him. Meanwhile, Judge addressed the media and made a bold prediction for next season while summing up the ongoing one.


Aaron Judge Assures Fans Of Multiple World Series Rings In The Near Future

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points to the Yankees dugout after hitting a home run. Twitter NYY

The New York Yankees have fallen to the lowest of the low this season. It’s September, and the Yanks find themselves out of the playoff contention. They sit last on AL-East, eight games below the wildcard spot. It is the first time since 2016 that the Bombers are going to miss playoffs. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge, who is leading the team for the first time in his career, was taken aback by the sudden downfall. In an interview given prior to the series vs. Detroit Tigers, Judge said that it never feels good to be in a low position. Moreover, the captain did not expect to witness the sudden downfall, especially after making it to the ALCS in 2022.

Having said that, Aaron Judge is rattled but not hopeless for the future. “I‘m here to embrace every single obstacle to continue to lead this team to not one but many championships down the road,” Judge said. He has eight years left in the contract to lead this team to a championship ring. Only time will tell if the captain will be able to live up to his word. Further speaking on the expectations of the 2024 season, Judge claimed that the Yankees will get things fixed. The team management will tie up loose ends to come back stronger next year. For now, they have one month of baseball left to play. Hence, the team will take each game at a time and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Yankees Captain Scripts Yet Another Home Run Record

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge in the on-deck circle at Minute Maid Park. via Twitter NYY

Aaron Judge etched his legacy into the history of MLB by scripting a home run record in 2022. By hitting 62 long hits, Judge became the slugger to hit most home runs in a single season. While the 2023 season brought along a different set of challenges for the captain, he still managed to rise his way through setbacks.

On Friday, Aaron Judge hit his career 250th home run against Houston Astros and became the fastest player in the league to achieve the figure. It took him 810 appearances to unlock the feat. The historic night turned even better for the captain as his team, the Yankees, secured a 6-2 win over the Astros to lead the series by 1-0.