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Cam Reddish Lakers LeBron James Source: CBS Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have been through a lot of ups and downs this year. But one thing that remained constant is the fear and concern for injuries to players. They could have been a top contender in the current season. But injuries since the start of the preseason have constantly let the team down. Albeit the LA side managed to have a three-game winning streak twice, the hits just kept on coming. Initially, in the offseason, the experts considered the Lakers as one of the top contenders to win the current season. That was because of the depth and balance in the roster.

Most importantly, the LA side can always rely on their top two stars – LeBron James and Anthony Davis to deliver. But the season did not start as well as they expected. From the preseason, the Lakers had to test the depth of their roster. Now, Darvin Ham needs to play his rotation very carefully. He must ensure his players get enough rest as well as game time to stay healthy and match-ready. Moreover, Darvin Ham is struggling with the absences of Rui Hachimura and Cam Reddish, too.


Darvin Ham Said His Team Needs To Fight Through The Situation With Injuries

Rui Hachimura Darvin Ham
Rui Hachimura Darvin Ham Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

Recently, in an interview with Spectrum SportsNet, Ham told Mike Trudell that they are trying to deal with the storm of injuries. Anyhow, the Lakers managed to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, 121-115, on Sunday. After an exciting season of reaching the conference finals, the Lakers have learned a lot about the negative effects of injury concerns. That’s the reason why the front office made sure the team had options for reinforcements. In time, these reinforcements will come in handy. The Lakers coach has faith in his team and knows that they can weather the storm.

More or less, the Lakers have handled the situation well. On top of that, the LA side has been successful so far in maintaining an unbeaten run in the in-season tournament. They have made it to the knockout stages of the inaugural NBA Cup. Plans may not work out all the time. But Lebron James and Anthony Davis have looked more or less healthy and played all the regular season games except one. To weather the storm, Darvin Ham will need the stars of his team to show some old-fashioned grit this time.

Lakers Have Tackled The Situation Well So Far

Rui Hachimura LeBron James Lakers
Rui Hachimura LeBron James Lakers Source: Getty Images;

The key player in their defense, Jarred Vanderbilt, sustained a heel bursitis and was out for a couple of weeks tentatively. If that was not enough, later, the new signing, Gabe Vincent, sustained a knee injury and was out for a couple of weeks, too. Moreover, one of the Laker’s most valuable players in the current season, Rui Hachimura, sustained a nose fracture during the game against the Dallas Mavericks.

And he will be out for a week. Hence, the team that once looked like a favorite because of their depth now looks like one of the most fragile teams in the league. Currently, they are 10-7. But they lost six games very quickly, ruining their plan for a good start this season. Anyway, the LA side has made a strong comeback since losing six games very early in the season.