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The importance of the 2024 F1 season for Mercedes cannot be understated. After two disastrous seasons, the Silver Arrows are under intense pressure to regain the lost dominance from Red Bull Racing. However, the comeback is easier said than done. Fixing a conceptually flawed car in one winter is no less than a daunting task.

However, Mercedes has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to salvage somehow the damage incurred in the past two seasons. Two factories back in the United Kingdom are working on the 2024 F1 challenger, W15, day and night. Moreover, with the launch event scheduled, team principal Toto Wolff teased fans with what’s in store with respect to machinery development.


Toto Wolff Says Mercedes In ‘Good Place’ With W15 Development

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As F1 enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, has voiced optimism and excitement regarding the team’s new challenge, W15. The challenger will reportedly be unveiled on Valentine’s Day in 2024. And ahead of the scheduled event, Wolff opened on his expectations. The team boss has been under intense pressure to produce a turnaround. Thus, he is working this winter with the engineers in the Brixworth and Brackley factory to make sure the W15 lives up to standards and, most importantly, is capable of winning a championship. Meanwhile, while speaking to Sky Sports, Wolff said that in closing the gap leader of the pack, Red Bull remains the first priority.

Moreover, Mercedes plans on using the momentum of the P2 finish in the constructors championship into something fruitful in 2024. Toto Wolff further added that engineers back in UK factories remain highly motivated and that they have exciting things in the pipeline to showcase to the fans. However, the team boss refused to let out any specific details. “So many new things. And, with all the learning we had, [we are] really in a good place to see what’s coming together,” said Toto Wolff. Having said that, as per rumors, the Silver Arrows are anticipated to drop the Zeropod concept and move towards a more traditional approach. Besides side pods, the W15 will have new chassis and gearbox to reduce drag. Additionally, the Brackley-based team could also adjust the cockpit positioning as Lewis Hamilton repeatedly complained of discomfort this year.

Toto Wolff Wants To Continue Working On Recovery!

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While Mercedes have a long way to go with respect to recovery, Toto Wolff does not want to leave anything to chance. F1 will undergo a regulation change in 2026. And perhaps it could act as a blessing in disguise for the Silver Arrows. However, the team boss does not want to wait until 2026. Instead, he plans to continue working on recovery every day.

“I don’t want to give up on the recovery and say, ‘well, let’s wait for 2026, new car, new engine,'” said Wolff. The team principal further added that Mercedes still has two years to produce a comeback and fall back into championship contention. They want to test their capabilities of producing a turnaround. Thus, working winter by winter remains the team’s only goal for now.