Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge drops his bat after his home run. Twitter-NYY

Aaron Judge bounced back after a slow start to the season in the recent home trip against the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros. In the past six-game home stand, Judge has gone 10-for-22, with four doubles, three homers, four walks, and seven RBIs in total.

In the recent series finale against the Houston Astros, Aaron Judge broke the ceiling in a 4-3 loss. Judge smoked a monstrous home run against Astros’ Ryan Pressly to set a season record. Needless to say, the home fans were ecstatic to witness Judge returning to his prime form and celebrated the record home run massively on Twitter.


Fans Chant ‘All Rise’ As Aaron Judge Goes Deep To Record 473-Foot Home Run

Yankees Aaron Judge
Yankees Aaron Judge Source: DraftKings Network

In a display of raw power and jaw-dropping athleticism, New York Yankees’ captain Aaron Judge launched a titanic 473-foot home run that left fans and analysts alike in awe. In the series finale against Houston Astros, Judge invoked his inner beast to smoke a long hit over the left-center field and scripted a season record in the process. Judge’s 474-foot home run was the joint longest of the season, with Mike Trot having achieved the number earlier this season. The mammoth home run came in a crucial moment of the game, with the Yanks locked in a tight battle against the postseason rivals. While the Bombers eventually ended up dropping the ball, Judge’s towering hit gave the fans a reason to celebrate amid a loss.

Aaron Judge fans and Yankees faithful took to social media to celebrate the captain’s longest home run of the season. A lot of social media users were relieved to see Judge regain his prime form after a concerning slow start to the year. And what truly set Judge’s home run apart was the apparent ease with which he accomplished it. Unlike some sluggers who rely on brute force to send balls out of the park, Judge’s swing was smooth and fluid, almost casual in its execution. It was as if he had barely exerted himself at all. Yet the ball still traveled nearly 500 feet, leaving fans scratching their heads in amazement. Indeed, Judge’s home run served as a reminder of why he is widely regarded as one of the most fearsome hitters in the game today. And when he connects with a pitch just right, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Judge Likely To Take A Back Seat In Rays Series

Aaron Judge
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New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone confirmed that fourth outfielder Trent Grisham will get a couple of games in the upcoming away series against the Tampa Bay Rays. This essentially means that Captain Aaron Judge will take a couple of days of rest from center-field duties.

Tampa’s ballpark, Tropicana Field, is far more challenging for center fielders. Hence, the New York Yankees aim to play safe with captain Aaron Judge, whose health is the club’s top priority. The Yankees will play a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays starting Friday before meeting the Twins next week.

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