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Ralph Lauren Yankees Source: Ralph Lauren

Aaron Judge is well-known for his business ventures. Moreover, the New York Yankees captain is even more famous for his charity work with his All Rise Foundation. However, it is undeniable that Judge is the best player of the generation, besides Shohei Ohtani. Moreover, they are among the two biggest names active in professional baseball. Fans go crazy for them. In 2022, Judge and Ohtani were the top two contenders for the American League Most Valued Player. However, the Yankees captain won that award in 2022 because he broke the American League record for home runs in a single season.

Aaron Judge hit a record 62 homers in 2022. However, in 2021 and 2023, it was Shohei Ohtani who took home the MVP award in the American League. Both these greats of the game are pretty marketable and are quite active in endorsements. Recently, Aaron Judge saw one of his dreams come true. It was another home run for the AL 2022 MVP as he partnered with Ralph Lauren for their new campaign called Design Your Dreams. The campaign is for a new Ralph Lauren Fragrance. It costs $108. The Yankees captain is the face of the new fragrance. 


What It Means For Aaron Judge To Partner With Ralph Lauren?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Aaron Judge has a nine-year deal with the New York Yankees, and he will earn $360 million for those nine years. But the Yankees captain keeps building his marketing power. He has a pretty good reputation in his business ventures. Lately, the AL 2022 MVP noted his latest business venture was a “Dream.” Recently, in an interview with PEOPLE, Aaron Judge mentioned he always wanted to work with Ralph Lauren. Adding to that, the Yankees captain mentioned that it is an honor to be the face of the new Ralph Lauren campaign. Moreover, Judge added that the campaign is all about “Following your dreams no matter what.”

And that is something Aaron Judge says he can relate to because of his life experiences as well as moments in the game of baseball. Generally, fans don’t expect a fragrance brand to have such a special meaning for the Yankees captain. But the 31-year-old hitter mentioned the fragrance reminded him of “Home” in New York. Albeit, Judge is from California. Moreover, Aaron Judge mentioned it is a “Pinch me moment.” Adding to that, the AL 2022 MVP said the combination of Ralph Lauren, the Big Apple, and the New York Yankees means two legacies of New York have come together.

What It Means For Ralph Lauren To Partner With The Yankees Captain?

Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award
Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award Source: MLB.com

Aaron Judge expressed his excitement to start this collaboration with Ralph Lauren. He also said that this new chapter of his life is exciting and a very proud moment. Moreover, the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Ralph Lauren mentioned in a press release that it is the passion that sets things apart in the worlds of fragrance and sports.

Ralph Lauren believes Judge’s excellence on the field speaks volumes of his passion for the sport. The executive chairman also mentioned that Aaron Judge genuinely loves the game of baseball. The Yankees Captain’s love for baseball embodies what Ralph Lauren truly believes in—”the art of doing what you love and a commitment to excellence.”

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