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Stephen Curry is the best hope for the Golden State Warriors to do something special this season. He has always been the talisman for his team. Without Curry, the Dubs would not have become a modern-day dynasty. A few years later, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, joined the San Francisco-based team; it was the duo of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson who joined the franchise as well. Since then, things changed so much for the better of the Dubs. They went on to win four NBA titles with new coach Steve Kerr in a span of eight years. The Splash Brothers – Steph and Klay revolutionized the three-point shot in the sport.

That’s how good and impactful Stephen Curry and the Dubs have been in the last ten years. Currently, the Warriors are trying their best to win their fifth title in ten years. However, they started the 2023-24 season really badly. Moreover, the GSW has been very inconsistent. Otherwise, they could have already been in the top six. Lately, all the California-based teams – Lakers, Warriors, and Kings are on a .563 record. Recently, Stephen Curry managed to do something special in the fourth quarter of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers to snatch a win without Klay and Dray. 


Stephen Curry Came Alive In Fourth Quarter To Beat The Trail Blazers

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The Warriors thought about enjoying an easy win against the Portland Trail Blazers. That’s why they rested Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. But to the Dub’s surprise, in the end, the game got really close in Portland. If it were not for Steph Curry’s heroics, the Trail Blazers could have made the lives of the visitors really bad. Finally, on Thursday, the Warriors beat the Portland side 100-92. With this victory, the Dubs will have control over their destiny of better seeding as they can climb up to as high as the eighth seed. Klay and Dray did not play because of injuries to their knees.

The game against the Trail Blazers could have gone either way, as Steph was cold for the majority of the game. However, like people say, “Cometh the hour, Cometh the man,” Stephen Curry came alive in the fourth quarter. Moreover, Steph finished with 22 points, along with eight assists, and grabbed seven rebounds. However, the Warriors megastar finished that game, shooting only 8 for 22 from the field. Jonathan Kuminga was the next-best scorer with 19 points, six rebounds, and an assist. Moreover, veteran Kevon Looney showed his class with 11 rebounds and nine points, as well as four blocks and two steals. 

Perhaps Resting Klay And Dray Was A Bit Risky Thing To Do

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The Warriors will need the partners of Stephen Curry in basketball crimes, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, to stay healthy ahead of the postseason. Moreover, the Dub Nation has faith in the team that can turn out to be a real threat for the title once they make the postseason.

After all, the core of the team formed the modern-day NBA dynasty. Hence, Klay and Dray, who were suffering from knee ailments, needed some good rest time. Moreover, Steve Kerr can give them more rest time as the Warriors won against the Trail Blazers at Moda Center. Now, the GSW is getting ready for the game against the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday. 

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