Marcus Stroman
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The New York Yankees have not been successful enough to win a World Series since 2009. It has been a long time since the fans were waiting. But the fans truly are die-hard supporters of the team, which is still the most successful side in the league. No other team has won more World Series than the Bronx Bombers in the history of the sport. The NY side has won the “Big Dance” for a record 27 times. No other team is even close to twenty World Series victories. The next best record for a franchise is 11 World Series wins, which belongs to the St. Louis Cardinals. Moreover, the next best record belongs to the Boston Red Sox, with nine titles.

Hence, no other team but the Yankees has clearly dominated the sport ever since its inception. With such a rich history, the fans can never really stop supporting their favorite team. Moreover, the players that come in and get traded are something the fans are keenly interested in. On top of that, the Yankees Faithful appreciates the roster members who seem to be very serious and dedicated. Recently, the fans spotted their newest member at a Knicks game and had different reactions toward Marcus Stroman.


Are The Fans Not Liking The Newest Yankees Starting Pitcher?

Marcus Stroman
The Mets’ Marcus Stroman, who hasn’t pitched this season due to a torn calf muscle, has decided opt out of the 2020 campaign due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

When the Yankees signed the veteran pitcher Marcus Stroman, the fans had mixed reactions. First of all, Stroman had some issues with the NY side’s pitching staff and the team in general back in 2019. He was pretty vocal about that as well. Anyway, five years later, some fans are just happy to see Stroman increasing the depth of the Yankees bullpen. However, several Yankees fans are still skeptical about how productive this veteran can be for the team. Recently, Marcus Stroman visited the Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play. In the bustling atmosphere of the Garden, the Knicks won 109-94 against the Houston Rockets.

It was a pretty important win for the New York Knicks, and fans were celebrating ecstatically. But then things took an unexpected turn when the Yankees Faithful spotted Marcus Stroman. They didn’t appreciate the way the pitcher was using his time ahead of the spring training. Some fans believe he should solely focus on preparing for the 2024 MLB season. But then again, there were some more cheerful fans who showed support as they saw Stroman. They felt it is great that the new Yankee pitcher is a Knicks fan. Anyway, this mix reaction of the fans really show the intensity of the sports fandom in New York. 

Stroman In Madison Square Garden Supporting The Knicks

Cubs right-hander Marcus Stroman has put together seven quality starts in eight outings this season. File photo.Getty

The 32-year-old pitcher is an intriguing new addition to the group of the Yankees starting pitchers. Only time can tell if he turns out to be really useful for the Bronx Bombers in the upcoming seasons. There are still a few days to go ahead of the spring training.

Stroman was using this short break to watch a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden. He must be glad that the home team finished with a win that night. Anyway, the New York fans had different opinions after seeing the new Yankees pitcher. Was that the right way to spend time ahead of the spring training? It is really open for discussion.