Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen is on his way to equaling former Red Bull star Sebastian Vettel in winning nine consecutive victories. He has had a scintillating season so far. He proved that currently, there is no one better and no one greater than him driving F1 cars. Verstappen is enjoying hegemony that has never happened before. Albeit, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton had their time of domination on the grid. Even the seven-time champion mentioned the RB19 is faster than all the Mercedes cars he drove in their dominant era.

After the long summer break, the F1 season is about to resume this weekend. Recently, in the practice session for the Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was, as usual, the fastest driver. He went on to beat Fernando Alonso. Verstappen was only 0.278 seconds faster than the Spaniard. It could have been a perfect start to the second half of the season for the current leader of the standings. However, it was not totally smooth sailing for the current double-time champion.


Max Verstappen Got Seriously Furious During FP2 Before The Dutch Grand Prix

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull
Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull Source:

Max Verstappen was absolutely furious at Esteban Ocon and another driver who blocked his way during the practice session. The whole mess happened around Turn three. And over the team radio, everybody could hear Max Verstappen saying, “What? Wow, My God!” What happens is that traffic can cause disruptions for the drivers in shorter circuits like the one in the Netherlands. There are drivers who fail to leave space for the drivers on the flying laps to pass safely because they are on slow laps.

That’s when it can result in a close call. It happens pretty regularly. Moreover, the Dutchman does not agree with rules like one-shot qualifying or splitting the two drivers into a couple of different groups. Verstappen is afraid that it can create unfair conditions on the race track. It might help the drivers running at the last half benefit from higher grip levels. Moreover, Max Verstappen is not sure because there is track evolution and a lot of traffic.            

Verstappen On His Way Equal Vettel & Ascari

Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel
Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel Source: FirstSportz

However, if there is something more necessary than the car, then it would be the driver. That’s what the greats like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, and Ayrton Senna had been. These great F1 drivers are the X factors every team needs to win championships. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton won as many as 11 races in a single season a few times. But Max Verstappen won a record 15 Grand Prix last season.

He broke the records of two great German racers, Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, winning 13 races in a season. Moreover, Max Verstappen won the most points in a season (last year). Lewis Hamilton was the holder of this record previously. However, there are many records this 25-year-old Dutch driver will break in his lifetime. Certainly, there are a few he can break this year. Verstappen can break Vettel and Alberto Ascari’s records for most consecutive wins. He sure can equal them at home this weekend.