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WATCH: Fred Vasseur & Charles Leclerc Break Silence On Lewis Hamilton-Ferrari Switch

Get ready, Formula 1 fans, because the racing world is buzzing with big news! The legendary Lewis Hamilton is trading in his Mercedes wheels for the iconic red of Ferrari. But that’s not all – Ferrari’s own Charles Leclerc is speaking up about this blockbuster move. Despite the surprise, Leclerc reveals he knew about the talks before signing his contract extension. And now, with Hamilton joining the team, it’s a whole new ball game. So, buckle up and get set for a season of twists and turns unlike anything we’ve seen before!

Leclerc’s Insights on Hamilton’s Arrival

Charles Leclerc, the Monégasque sensation, recently extended his contract with Ferrari just a week before the announcement of Hamilton’s switch. However, far from being blindsided, Leclerc reveals that discussions about the move were ongoing, and he was aware of the negotiations before inking his own deal. In an exclusive with RacingNews365, he shared, “This kind of deal is not finalized overnight. Lewis is an incredible driver, the most successful in history, and with a lot of experience, which he will bring to the team and obviously to myself, which is a good thing.”

Charles Leclerc
F1/Charles Leclerc

Despite the impending change, Leclerc remains focused on the current season, highlighting the positive aspects of having Hamilton as a teammate: “But Carlos has been great, and we’ve got one more year together to try and do the best job possible.”

The unique aspect of this announcement is the timing, as drivers and teams will have to navigate a full season together, fully aware that the partnerships will conclude at the end of the term. Leclerc confirmed that he has been in contact with Hamilton, emphasizing the learning opportunities that come with having a seven-time World Champion as a teammate.

Behind the Scenes of Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari

Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur sheds light on the behind-the-scenes negotiations that led to the most talked-about move in recent Formula 1 history. Vasseur, who has a longstanding relationship with Hamilton dating back more than 20 years, explains that the talks evolved naturally. Hamilton’s switch means teaming up with Leclerc, a decision Vasseur describes as straightforward due to the Monégasque’s existing relationship with Ferrari. However, it also resulted in difficult conversations, particularly with Carlos Sainz, who will be without a drive at Ferrari next year.

Vasseur faced the challenging task of informing Sainz about the change, acknowledging it was not the easiest call of his life. He commented on Sainz’s professionalism, expressing confidence that the Spaniard will perform at his best for the team throughout the season. The move also prompted a challenging conversation with Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal and a close friend of Vasseur. Despite the difficulty of the decision, Vasseur believes that having Lewis Hamilton, the biggest personality in the field, is a significant opportunity for Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton 5 2024
F1/Lewis Hamilton

While acknowledging Sainz’s contributions, Vasseur maintains that the decision is not unfair, emphasizing the strategic importance of securing Hamilton for the team’s future. With a mix of challenges and opportunities, Ferrari is gearing up for a season that promises both excitement and uncertainty.

In the high-speed world of Formula 1, where every decision counts, the Hamilton-Ferrari switch is undoubtedly a game-changer. As the season unfolds, fans will be glued to the tracks, eager to witness the dynamics between Hamilton and Leclerc and the impact on Ferrari’s quest for glory. The stage is set for a thrilling chapter in Formula 1 history.