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WATCH: Draymond Green Turns Into Stephen Curry! Beats Buzzer From Half-Court

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry have been instrumental in building the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Then, of course, bringing in Klay Thompson with the above two makes it the perfect trio. Moreover, the Dub Nation wants to see this trio firing on all cylinders. They had a rough start to the season. That’s the reason why the Warriors are still fighting to stay above .500 record. It has not been quite the season they wished for. The Dub Nation wants the team to win their fifth title in ten years. They thought this season would be just that. Moreover, the GSW started on a winning note. But gradually, things fell apart.

It started falling apart when Draymond Green received two back-to-back suspensions. Combining those two suspensions, Green did not play 17 games as a result. However, at 33, the veteran forward is still proving how valuable he is to the Dubs Dynasty. During his absence, the Warriors were down 18-22. But after his return, Dray Green helped the Dubs to regain the winning momentum. As a result, the seven-time champions are 25-25 so far this season. Thanks to Green, the Warriors found their momentum back. Moreover, Green surprised the fans when he did a Steph Curry against the Utah Jazz. 


Draymond Green Beats Buzzer From Half-Court

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On Monday, the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Utah Jazz. At the halftime buzzer, Green shot a hail mary from half-court, and it went in. It just happened out of nowhere. However, it won’t be fair to say that Dray Green had a great game against the Jazz. He could not play for a lot of minutes, not even the limited minutes. Draymond Green committed three fouls very early in the game. He had a rough start in the first six minutes. But his impact on the game was undeniable, especially the long-range attempt that went in, which was a perfect example.

That three-pointer helped the Warriors gain a 63-55 advantage. Since the return of Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors are on their way to winning their eighth game in eleven contests. This season so far has proved that Green is one of the most influential players in the Dubs rotation. It is a matter of where the team is with him and where they are without him. Green had to miss 12 games on the trot since December 13, when he punched Jusuf Nurkic right in the face. 

How Influential Green Has Been For The Warrior’s Resurgence

Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green Source: NBA.com

Since he joined the franchise, Green has been the backbone of the Dynasty. The Splash Brothers are great. But it was not possible without Green. Moreover, he has been the Defensive Player of The Year. The 33-year-old Warrior is still versatile on both ends of the court. That’s what has been of great help for the Dubs lately. He is allowing Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins to unlock their tandem. Previously, both Wiggins and Kuminga were struggling to play together. But now, the defense and playmaking of Green has elevated the pair of Wiggins and Kuminga to another level.

As a result, the Warriors are enjoying the size, speed, and athleticism they need to survive. Hence, Green is really leading the Warrior’s resurgence. Moreover, Steph Curry is also finding the freedom to play the way he likes since the return of his co-star. Previously, he had a brief underwhelming stretch. Now, the Dubs are the 10th seed in the Western Conference with a 26-25 record. They are currently .510. 

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