Juan Soto, Yankees

Juan Soto, the New York Yankees slugger and generational star, made a distinct identity for himself when he set foot in the major leagues back in 2018. He was no ordinary talent, and people assessed since his rookie year that Soto was indeed destined for greatness.

That being said, besides his offensive prowess, another distinct antic of Juan Soto is his iconic shuffle which started as a harmless routine. But has now become a his trademark. And recently, Soto shared the idea behind the shuffle and why he embedded that into his daily routine on the plate.


Juan Soto Reveals Famous ‘Shuffle’ Originated From Minor Leagues

Juan Soto, Yankees
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Juan Soto and his shuffle are two of the most famous things in MLB. The generational star has been able to create a distinct mark for himself in the league. While many pitchers do not appreciate Soto’s physiological antics, they have to face it regardless. That being said, six years into his MLB career, the 25-year has finally revealed the origin behind his shuffle. Soto revealed that the shuffle started organically during his early days in professional baseball, precisely during the minor leagues. Initially, it was a way to get more comfortable and stay connected to the batter’s box. “Just to get myself comfortable, to feel that the box is mine. That’s how I started doing it,” said Soto. He added that he would often clear the area and place his feet right.

When he first started doing it, his teammates were puzzled. But for him, it was just to get comfortable and nothing else. He didn’t intend to intimidate or terrorize any pitcher. But it indirectly caused the fear. That being said, over time, the shuffle evolved into a more deliberate routine that helps him maintain his rhythm and concentration. This routine helps him stay in the moment and not dwell on the outcome of the previous pitch. Indeed, Juan Soto’s famous shuffle is more than just a batting routine; it’s a symbol of his approach to the game. It’s his unique way to approach his at-bat and create the best of that opportunity. For the fans, it’s an entertaining and cinematic sight. This year, Juan Soto is doing the iconic shuffle in pinstripes, and the Yankee Stadium has given their approval so far.

Soto Agent Says Trade With Yankees Wouldn’t Have Happened In Peter Siedler’s Reign

Juan Soto Yankees

Juan Soto was traded by the New York Yankees from the San Diego Padres earlier this off-season in what turned out to be one of the iconic trade deals in the recent past. However, Soto’s agent, Scott Boras, revealed how the trade deal would have never happened if Padres owner was alive.

“There is no way Pete Sideler would have traded Juan Soto. I don’t think that was in his DNA,” said Boras. The player’s agent revealed that throughout his illness, Sielder only talked about Juan Soto and how he wanted to sign him long-term. Soto meant a lot to him, and if he were alive, the trade with the Yankees wouldn’t have happened.

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