Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

The Golden State Warriors faced a huge setback early this season when Draymond Green got back-to-back suspensions. Moreover, things started changing once the veteran forward Dray Green received a five-game suspension. Later, the Warriors lost six games on the trot. Moreover, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson had not been at their best either in terms of consistency. However, the Splash Brothers tried their best to get the Dubs back on winning ways. Later, the GSW won five games in a row. But then they lost again, back-to-back games, first against the Denver Nuggets on Christmas night.

Later, against the Miami Heat, Curry and Thompson were just not good enough to get a win. Clearly, Green’s absence has been bothering the team, especially the Splash Brothers. This trio has been the permanent members of the modern-day dynasty. Green, Curry, and Thompson won four titles together. Previously, Steph Curry mentioned he would love to win one more title, at least with this core group. However, after Dray Green faced his second suspension this regular season, the core hasn’t been able to stay together for a while. 


As Per Steve Kerr, Draymond Green Won’t Return Anytime Soon

Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The last time the Dub Nation saw Green play for them was on December 12. Since then, the veteran forward has been on an indefinite suspension. For returning, Green must satisfy an unreported list of requirements. On top of that, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports the four-time champion’s suspension is in the range of 11-13 games. If that’s the case, then Draymond Green might return between January 5 and January 10. The Warriors will face the Detroit Pistons on Jan 5 and the New Orleans Pelicans on Jan 10. Lately, the head coach of the GSW mentioned Dray Green has not even returned to their franchise’s facility yet.

As a result, Steve Kerr feels the suspension doesn’t feel like ending in a few days or weeks, either. Later, somebody asked Kerr if he talks with Green frequently. In reply, Coach Kerr mentioned that they do text to each other. But the team is trying to give Green his space. And Green is doing the same to the team. Adding to that, Kerr mentioned he’s not sure about how long exactly it will take Dray Green to get back into playing shape. 

Is The Warriors Dynasty Collapsing?

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

The Dubs seem to lose their momentum of dominating the league. After all, they are the modern-day dynasty. The San Francisco-based team won four titles in eight years. Moreover, the Dub Nation hopes to see their favorite team win five championships in a decade. But the last season saw one of those rarest occasions when the GSW faced elimination in the second round of the playoffs.

The Warriors had not lost any conference semis in the last decade until the Los Angeles Lakers knocked them out the last season. That’s why the Golden State franchise was hoping to seek redemption this season. On top of that, the seven-time champions started with back-to-back wins this regular season. But the winning streak didn’t last long.