Formula One is a sport where the smallest details can make a monumental difference. After an early setback, Mercedes has worked diligently back at the factory to introduce multiple sets of upgrades. The basic idea behind the upgrades was to enhance the performance of the car. However, with a flawed concept, the team’s car W14 is looking unmanageable.

After recent upgrades at Spa, Mercedes’ W14 has incurred bouncing issues, which has sent a wave of concern among the fans. Meanwhile, as the season headed into the Summer Break last week, the Silver Arrows’ team boss, Toto Wolff, has revealed a key area of improvement in W14, which the team is looking to address during the break.


Toto Wolff Wants To Provide A Reliable Car To Hamilton-Russell Duo In The Second Half


While Mercedes ranks second in the constructors’ championship, their performance has been highly unpredictable and volatile. On some days, they attain a double podium, while on some days, the drivers barely make it into the Q1 of qualifying sessions. The mixed results are occurring due to the unpredictable nature of W14. Moreover, with the team introducing upgrades after every few race weeks, the car has become even more unsettled. That being said, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have constantly complained about the flawed nature of the car, which has put Toto Wolff, the team principal, in a fix. Hence, as the Formula One season headed into summer break, the Brackley-based team will be looking to address key flaws first.

In a recent mid-season interview, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff revealed that the key area of improvement for the engineers is to give the drivers a reliable and predictable car. The amount of downforce is a secondary concern for now. He wants Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to be certain that the car is going to be stable when they turn through the corners. Wolff also praised the British drivers for pushing the wrecked car to the limit and for showing extreme professionalism. The Austrian added that the contest for P2 is very tight right now. While they have understood the right direction of improvement, it takes time to change a car that is conceptually flawed. Having said that, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and the Silver Arrows will find it eventually, believes Toto Wolff.

Mercedes Boss Confirms Stalling Development For The 2023 Season

Mercedes W14 Planet F1

Amid hazy promises, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, claimed that the team has already started working on developing strong machinery for the 2024 season. Meaning the development of the current W14 will soon come to an end. Having said that, Wolff is happy with the kind of progress they made this year.

By optimizing the current machinery, Mercedes has learned a lot, and hopefully, they could use that learning while developing the 2024 season’s car. Having said that, the Silver Arrows still have a long way to go this season. An entire second half awaits, and the team will have to maintain competitiveness to stay second in the constructor’s championship.