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Boss Toto Wolff has waited for a long time to win a single race this season, and so did the Mercedes fans. They have been waiting to see Lewis Hamilton or George Russell beat the unstoppable force called Max Verstappen. Undoubtedly, the Mercedes principal has been the most successful F1 team principal in history. His team has won eight consecutive constructor championships, along with seven driver’s titles. However, Wolff has currently found himself and his team in an unwinnable position.

In the current ongoing season, the arch-rivals, Red Bull, has won all the races. The Silver Arrows has only managed podiums in a couple of Grand Prix. Clearly, they have not come close to beating Max Verstappen in any of the seven races so far. Only his teammate Sergio Perez beat him twice this season. On the other hand, since last year, team Mercedes has been struggling with their car. They barely managed to win a single race last year in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Apparently, their star driver, Lewis Hamilton, for the first time, had a winless season. But looks like Mercedes’ boss is ready to give up any profit to see his team win at least once this season.


Toto Wolff Is Willing To Sacrifice Mercedes Profit To Win On Track

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff (Principal Mercedes) Lewis Hamilton (Driver Mercedes)

Red Bull is clearly cruising to yet another dominating season. They have a good chance of winning all the races this season, which has never happened before. But the Austrian team can certainly do it this year. Last year, they won 17 races, with Max Verstappen coming first 15 times. On the other hand, Mercedes is still looking to get their car right to win a single race this season. And in this moment of desperate need, boss Toto Wolff has announced something unexpected. Recently, in an interview, Wolff stated that he would do anything to win a single race this season. And for that, he is willing to sacrifice all his profits to win on track.

As Toto Wolff asserted, “Giving up all profits to win on track may sound crazy for any normal businessman. But that how calibrated we all are.” Apparently, he respects the concept of meritocracy in Formula One. According to him, it is absolutely fair that the best engineers will build the fastest car and win. On top of that, every team needs to respect the cost cap rules. Nobody can spend more money after a certain amount. Hence Wolff believes that “All we must do is to stretch to the best of our abilities and beat the Red Bull team.”

Valtteri Bottas Trusts His Former Team Boss About Getting Back On Top

Toto Wolff Valterri Bottas
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Ex-Mercedes team man Valtteri Bottas has also discussed his previous boss’ determination in a recent interview. He revealed that Toto is very competitive. Hence, he will make the team get to the top or even closer to Red Bull than where Mercedes is at the moment. Bottas also mentioned that Wolff wouldn’t rest until the Mercedes team is back at the front as “He will keep banging those tables.” He is sure that with the kind of infrastructure and facilities the Silver Arrows have, they are very capable of getting back to the top.