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Toto Wolff Clears Doubt Over Lewis Hamilton’s Integrity Amid Imminent Move To Ferrari

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff joined Mercedes around the same time. They joined in 2013. Since then, they have taken the sport by storm. For a long time, there was no stopping the Mercedes F1 team. Moreover, the Silver Arrows car that Hamilton was steering was the fastest. From 2014 to 2021, no other team was able to win the constructor title. That’s how good Mercedes has been with Toto as team principal. But the star of the team has been undoubtedly the great British driver. Moreover, the great Briton broke almost every record an F1 racer possibly can. Lewis Hamilton won the most number of Grands Prix in Formula One.

He has the most pole positions as well as the most podium finishes than any other driver. But the credit goes to his collaboration with Mercedes for such a long time. Even Hamilton acknowledges the fact. Albeit he debuted with McLaren, Mercedes provided the engines for those cars as well. Hence, throughout his career, Hamilton has driven Mercedes-powered cars. That’s what made him a star. But from 2025, he will become a completely Ferrari man. However, Toto Wolff has no doubts over Hamilton’s integrity. 


Mercedes Boss Doesn’t Question Hamilton’s Integrity

Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell Source: PlanetF1

From 2025, Lewis Hamilton will be part of a whole new team. But this team that Hamilton will start his journey with next year has been the most iconic F1 team ever. Every aspiring F1 racer dreams of wearing that red uniform and driving that red car. Finally, Lewis Hamilton’s dream will be coming true next year. But till then he is still very closely and strongly associated with Mercedes. Lately, Toto Wolff mentioned that they will need to look at where the developments going forward. The regulations will remain the same next year, more or less. In terms of technical information, Mercedes boss said they will evaluate later. But that does not bother him at all.

As per RaceFans, Toto Wolff mentioned engineers leave them and go to other teams while the notice period generally is as short as six months. That’s part and parcel of the sport. But he has no doubt in the integrity of Lewis Hamilton in terms of sharing information to his new team. It will be their final year in Mercedes. Hence, the 12 year long journey between Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton will end in 2024. Wolff said he only got to know Hamilton’s plan to leave Mercedes to join Ferrari last week. They met on Wednesday last week to discuss. 

What Toto Wolff Wants For Lewis Hamilton And George Russell In 2024?

Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Mercedes Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton George Russell Source: BVM Sports

Moreover, the Mercedes boss mentioned the team wants to ensure the two drivers have a successful season with this year’s car. Wolff added that the team is looking forward to give their utmost to achieve a successful season. Adding to that, Toto Wolff mentioned that ever since he became the team principal, he made sure it was fair and transparent for everybody.

And he credited the team for being fair as well. He said nothing of that is going to change in 2024. Wolff mentioned that they owe it to their principles and racing intent. He believes everyone in the team, including the drivers, will respect that. Even Lewis Hamilton said earlier that he would focus hard to give his best to help Mercedes win a title one last time.

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