Anthony Rizzo
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Anthony Rizzo, the New York Yankees veteran baseman, suffered a head collision with Padres hitter Tatis Jr. on May 28. He missed a game on the following day but skipped an IL stint as all tests came in normal. The Yanks also conducted a concussion test which Rizzo passed with flying colors. However, the infielder’s demeanor suggested that something was a miss.

Rizzo witnessed arguably the worst offensive slumps of his decade-long storied career. The dip in form occurred shortly after the collision incident, which raised alarming bells. However, the Yankees’ management repeatedly refuted any injury concerns until this week. On Sunday, Anthony Rizzo complained that he was not feeling well. Accordingly, tests were conducted on Wednesday, which brought the team’s worst fears come true.


Neurologist Believes Anthony Rizzo’s Head Injury Is Not Abnormal

Anthony Rizzo

In a bizarre incident, New York Yankees placed infielder Anthony Rizzo on IL for concussion occurred two months ago. After the infielder complained of uneasiness, the club conducted a battery of tests which revealed that the former was suffering from something called post-concussion syndrome. Rizzo said he woke up feeling hungover at times despite no alcohol consumption. Moreover, symptoms worsened over time as he experienced instances of headaches, memory loss, and brain fog. His reaction time got slower as he missed loose pitches on the plate. The veteran understood something was not right and was quick to report it to the club. Accordingly, the infielder got placed on IL without a set return timeline.

Meanwhile, New York Post sought an opinion from top neurologists who weighed their thoughts on Anthony Rizzo’s head injury. Neurologists stress that the nature of the impact does not solely determine the brain’s susceptibility to concussions. Each individual’s brain responds differently to trauma, and factors such as impact direction, force, and the individual’s overall health can play a role in the severity of the injury. Looking at Rizzo’s case, Dr. Ilan Danan, a sports neurologist, said that the Yankees veteran’s injury is atypical but not abnormal. On the other hand, Dr. Beth McQuiston believes that concussion symptoms can come and go. It’s difficult to diagnose such symptoms since the injury is invisible. Having said that, Anthony Rizzo should be fine with the right treatment. For now, he will use supplements and meet with a neurologist on a weekly basis.

Yankees Could Reunite With Luke Voit As Anthony Rizzo Gets Sidelined

Luke Voit Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Meanwhile, as soon as the Yankees placed Anthony Rizzo on IL due to concussion, first baseman Luke Voit opted out of the New York Mets minor league contract. Voit is a free agent and a like-for-like replacement for Rizzo for the Yanks. It is also worth noting that Voit offered his services in the Bronx from 2018 to 2021.

Luke Voit could be a good option for the Yankees if Anthony Rizzo eventually gets ruled out for the rest of the season. He hit seven home runs in the past nine minor league games with the Mets. Also, the infielder could come in cheaply to reunite with their former team. All in all, the Bronx Bombers could negotiate with Luke Voit just in case they need his services in the near future.