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“They Need It, Man,” Ex-Yankees Hitting Coach Strongly Bats For Juan Soto’s Acquisition As Trade Rumors Flare Up!

In October, Sean Casey formally declared that he won’t be returning as the New York Yankees hitting coach for the 2024 season. While he enjoyed the stint till it lasted, it’s not worth putting family responsibilities on the back burner. Casey’s teenage daughters need him, and thus, Sean has decided to devote himself to fatherly duties.

Having said that, Sean Casey did serve as the hitting coach of the New York Yankees for the entire second half of the 2023 season. He is the person who watched and analyzed the roster closely. Thus, out of all people, Casey is someone who understands what the team lacks. And he recently shared his opinion on the entire Juan Soto trade situation with the Bronx Bombers.


Sean Casey Says Juan Soto Is The Guys For The Yankees!

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Even before the off-season formally kicks off, the New York Yankees have surrounded themselves with all kinds of trade and free agency acquisition rumors. However, Juan Soto’s name has been talked about the most. With the Padres committed to chopping the payroll, Soto could find himself on the trade block as a $33 million earning outfielder. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers can land a jackpot if they succeed in cracking a deal with the Padres. While the teams have yet to have a formal conversation, Sean Casey has shared his opinion on the entire situation. Casey, who served as the team’s hitting coach in 2023, is the right man to assess the roster shortcomings.

In a recent Mayor Office podcast, Sean Casey said that Juan Soto is the man for the New York Yankees. The team needs a star left-handed batter, and who better than a 25-year-old generational star who could fit the criteria perfectly? Casey added that the Yanks have limited time to contest for the championship as Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole will soon begin to depreciate. Thus, with Soto, the lineup becomes much stronger and lethal on paper. “So for me, when I look at it, man, it would be such a grand slam for them to get a guy like Juan Soto,” concluded Sean Casey. The former hitting coach is bang-on with his assessment. The Bombers lineup only has one strong lefty force in Anthony Rizzo. And in a left-handed hitter-friendly field like the Yankee stadium, they need more lefties.

Yanks Met With Expected Competition In Juan Soto’s Pursuit!

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Needless to say, the New York Yankees’ pursuit of Juan Soto wasn’t going to be a smooth ride. They are expecting a lot of competition once the off-season officially kicks off. However, an unusual suitor has emerged from the dark to stake a claim. Recently, Bruce Levine of 670 claimed that the Chicago Cubs have developed a fresh interest in Juan Soto.

They want to bid for him once the San Diego Padres clear their stance. The Cubs, who missed out on a playoff berth by the barest margin this year, want to cross the finish line in 2024. Thus, just like the Yankees, the Cubs are also desperate to build a potent lineup. Nonetheless, the ball is in the Padres’ court right now.