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“They Cannot Appreciate Dominance” Red Bull Ace Max Verstappen Shuts Rivals Down Hard

Red Bull star Max Verstappen has been relentless and an unstoppable force of nature. F1 fans may have never seen a driver dominate the grid quite like the way Max has been doing for so long. Moreover, the Dutchman is on his way to winning his third title in a row. It quite looks impossible at present to beat the Red Bull star driver. The only driver who was able to beat Max this season was his teammate, Sergio Perez. Not once, but twice. Checo defeated Max initially in the 2023 season.

However, the Mexican driver later faded away. Since the Miami Grand Prix, it has only been the same name at the top of the podium, and that is Max Verstappen. It is like everybody knows what the result is going to be even before the race begins. That’s why the fans and critics call the Dutchman’s hegemony boring. Recently, Max Verstappen replied to these critics and fans.


Max Verstappen Says These Critics Don’t Appreciate Dominance Well

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Speaking with PA News Agency, Max mentioned these critics don’t know how to appreciate dominance or the people who execute the plans really well. Moreover, Max Verstappen mentioned that these criticisms do not bother him at all. He won’t hesitate or stop doing what he has been doing so far. Moreover, he is looking forward to winning the race the next weekend. The Dutchman is happy with his team’s achievements, and he wants to win every race. On top of that, Max is on his way to breaking his own record of winning 15 races in a season. He might become the first driver to win 20 races in a season if things don’t change.

At present, Red Bull clearly has the fastest car on the grid, and it is not allowing other teams to challenge the Austrian team at all. However, many fans and experts are considering the Red Bull and Verstappen’s hegemony very boring. It is indeed not helping the popularity of the sport grow more. Every sports fan likes competition and exciting seasons like the one in 2021. Max Verstappen wishes he could dominate for more seasons. He believes this type of hegemony is nothing new to the F1 Motorsport. Currently, Max Verstappen is enjoying a lead of 183 points. Next weekend, the drivers will race at the Italian Grand Prix at the Monza track. In the Italian Grand Prix, Max can ensure the championship win of the 2023 season.             

The 2021 Season Was Super-Exciting But The Next Two Super-Boring?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Source: ESPN

After 13 races so far, the Dutchman has won 11 already. Moreover, the current double-time champion has won nine consecutive races, equalling the former Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel’s feat in 2013. Two years back, Max Verstappen broke the winning streak of the seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Since then, the F1 sport has seen things go through topsy-turvy. Mercedes or Hamilton is no longer the dominant team or racer, and they are really struggling with their car in the cost-cap era. On the other hand, Red Bull won the constructor championship in 2022 after eight years of Mercedes’s dominance. But the 2021 season drew a lot more attention to the sport, unlike the last two.