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Juan Soto has been the biggest addition to the New York Yankees. After the mishap in 2023, the front office was looking for a big name for a slugger who could fit alongside Aaron Judge. They wanted a lefty hitter who was perfect for the Yankee stadium. And who better than the Dominican superstar? He is really the best hitter in baseball. But most importantly, Soto is just 25 years old. Hence, whichever team lands him in free agency would like to sign a long-term deal with him. The Yankees Nation was hoping they could land him for a long-term contract.

But Soto says he would like to leave that decision to his agent, Scott Boras. The Dominican trusts his agent completely. As per reports, Juan Soto might demand a deal close to Shohei Ohtani’s $700 million contract. If that’s true, it will be impossible for the NY Yankees to land him. Lately, Brian Cashman hinted that Soto’s stay in the Bronx might not be longer than a year. Anyway, if the Dominican doesn’t remain a Yankee, then which team will land him for the long term? There are a few teams ready to break the bank for Soto. 


If Not Yankees, Who Can Land Juan Soto?


To raise his asking price closer to Ohtani’s $700 million, Juan Soto will need to display an MVP-caliber season. Moreover, he needs to help the Yankees end their World Series drought that started after the 2009 title victory. Anyway, Juan Soto started the spring training with the Yankees pretty well. He needs to do what he does best, being the best offensive player of the league. If he is able to do that, then Scott Boras can make a case for his client to go beyond the $700 million mark. The Yankees will try their best to extend the contract, but the Dominican might choose not to. Then, teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Mets, along with the San Francisco Giants, and the Boston Red Sox might have a better opportunity to land the best offensive player in the league. Bob Melvin will usher in a new era for the Giants.

He will hope to transform the team to a post-season caliber team before the 2025 season begins. The Giants have the resources to make a statement signing. They would surely try to land Soto. Moreover, the LA Dodgers are the new “Evil Empire.” They are relentless in improving their roster. Moreover, they spent over a billion dollars to land the two Japanese superstars – Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. However, the Dodgers can still make another epic acquisition next offseason. Moreover, the NY Mets are a franchise that can afford to bid war to land Juan Soto. A few months back, they offered $325 million to Yamamoto. Jon Heyman predicts the Mets can be the biggest threat to their city rivals for extending Soto’s contract. 

Blue Jays And Red Sox Won’t Be Far Behind In Approaching Soto

Juan Soto
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The Toronto Blue Jays have been pretty shy in the last two years regarding a big signing. Next year, they can retain Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Moreover, they can also engage in the bidding war for Juan Soto. Most importantly, the Blue Jays have the salary cap space to land Soto unlike the Yankees. The Blue Jays have pretty positive numbers. Moreover, Guerrero and Soto have pretty good chemistry.

That can help the Blue Jays land the best hitter in the game. On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox would love to steal a player from their arch-rivals. But in recent years, the Red Sox have not made great investments. As a result, they faced disappointing outcomes. Hence, legends of the franchise, Pedro Martinez and Rafael Devers, expressed their desire to see an investment in the form of a rotation.

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