Red Bull principal
Red Bull principal Christian Horner talking to a Sky Sports reporter

Red Bull Boss Christian Horner is a fierce rival of the Mercedes team and especially of the team principal, Toto Wolff. They don’t generally agree in any case. The two bosses frequently get into disagreements with one another. But this rivalry vibe is not limited to the bosses, as it clearly comes out during the races. The epic rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull since the last decade is one of the main attractions of the sport. The way Mercedes took over the hegemony in 2014 from Red Bull and continued till 2021 was astonishing.

But then Max Verstappen broke the streak of Lewis Hamilton back in 2021. Since then, Red Bull has been back to their dominance on the F1 grid. Hence, the rivalry gets even more intense. But there are some situations when the two teams can agree. For instance, the governing body, FIA and F1, constantly changes rules and introduces new rules. Moreover, they sometimes do not bother to ask the drivers before implementing the new rules. Every team has to face these issues due to the governing body. Recently, the Mercedes driver, George Russell, raised his voice against the ban on the F1 tyre blanket. Later, rival boss Christian Horner agreed with Russell’s concerns.


Christian Horner Agrees With George Russell

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Christian Horner recently mentioned that the possible ban on tyre blankets could, in return, be more costly. In order to achieve something simple, the teams and drivers would try to heat the tyres on out laps. As a result, it will be even more costly. Moreover, Horner agrees with Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell that it will create chances for more crashes. Hence, the tyre blankets are essential to prevent any sort of catastrophe.

As per the Red Bull boss, the ban will also raise concerns about all the mechanics during a pitstop on the pitlane. It will be even riskier in cold conditions around the out laps. Horner points out that a lot of developments and work go into the blanket tyres. They will have to be put elsewhere. Similarly, the Mercedes driver George Russell mentioned, “I’ve been involved in dry weather no blanket tests for Pirelli. Hence, with experience, I can say that it is both dangerous and pointless.”

Red Bull Boss Feels The Ban On Tyre Blankets Won’t Help In Sustainability

Red Bull boss
Christian Horner Red Bull. Source: GP Fans

The 25-year-old Mercedes driver feels it is scary without tyre blankets. In support, Red Bull boss Christian Horner mentioned it is not safe for the drivers as it is not the right way to sustainability. Despite that, the F1’s official tyre supplier Pirelli has been testing potential alternatives of blankets for cost and sustainability.

But many drivers expressed concerns over safety, as a ban on tyre blankets can be risky. Drivers will not find it easy to grip the cooler tyres. Hence, Christian Horner mentioned that the FIA should try to make the blankets more sustainable instead of altogether banning them. Adding to that, the Red Bull boss said that he does not think that the ban will make the drivers feel good.