The Mercedes AMG Formula One launched their 2023 championship-winning car. And it is not Silver but a BLACK LIVERY. The same color that made Lewis Hamilton stand neck-to-neck with the legend Michael Schumacher. It was a black livery W11 that made team Mercedes a seven-time constructor’s champion. The Black 2020 Mercedes car that made everyone believe in Mercedes’s long-run dominance in Formula one is back on the grid. Unfortunately, the Silver Livery W13 that barely survived last year ended everything that the Black Livery of Mercedes cars earned in its era.

The Return Of The Silver Livery Was A Bad Luck, Mercedes Should Never Risk Bringing Again

In 2021, Lewis Hamilton may have lost the world title. And he may have been deprived of what he deserved, but he did not have been a loser. With the black W12, the seven-time world champion made himself worthy of the eighth Formula One title. But the “human error” that made the Formula One director, Michael Masi take a decision in Vertsappen’s favor prevented Lewis Hamilton from becoming an eight-time world champion.


However, Hamilton, as some still say, the eight-crown holder, did a very great job in 2021 with the very capable W12 car. But in 2022, what just happened is not even worth talking about. It has been the worst year in the Briton’s career with the return of the Silver Livery. He remained a loser throughout the entire season.

Looks like the true fans of Lewis Hamilton never lost hope. They somehow knew that the Silver Livery was not working anymore. And so the entire ‘Hamilton fandom’ kept on demanding the return of the black livery era. Just after the season ended, Toto Wolff suggested that it is going to be the same car once again for the upcoming season.

Despite the loss team Mercedes achieved last year with the Silver colored single-seater, Wolff did not mind changing the color. But turns out he was hiding the big secret all the time. Just today, Mercedes launched the W14 brand new black car, which is already giving the shine of the championship trophy.

Back In Black, “We’re In Love,” Claims Fans

Mercedes posted the pictures on their official Social Media handle, saying, “Back in black. Meet the Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E PERFORMANCE.” And proving their happiness and hard work, the team themselves replied to almost all the comments that fans posted on the tweet. One of the fans named Glenn Dovey said, “That is absolutely [fire], Mercedes team replied, “Glad you like it, Glenn!”. Another fan said, “I am in love with her.” And to this, Mercedes replied, “Same.”

After seeing the winless season of Lewis Hamilton, and demanding the return of W11, when fans got no hopes for a change, they started praying to God about it. And perhaps God answered all those prayers. One of the happy fans commented on the new pictures of the new car, “Finally, the prayer got answered.” The release of the new images is getting love from all across the world.

Not only is it the new car of the new season, but it is also an indication that things have changed this time. The changed livery is already showing how team Mercedes got affected by the disastrous, almost winless season. The Brackley-based team promised Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and all the fans a better car, as they demanded. And they fulfilled the promise.