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Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Daily Express

Principal Toto Wolff joined Mercedes in 2013, and the rest is history. Along with Wolff, he also joined the great Lewis Hamilton in the same year. Since then, Mercedes won eight constructor titles and seven driver’s championships. It made the Austrian billionaire a name amongst the most successful team principals in the history of the sport. Mercedes literally dominated the Turbo-hybrid era from 2014 to 2021.

An F1 partnership between team principal and star driver has never been stronger and more successful than what has been between Wolff and Hamilton. The great Briton star driver won six titles after joining Mercedes in 2013, adding to his maiden title back in 2008. This collaboration with the Silver Arrows helped Hamilton and Wolff vastly. It would be really sad if either of them left the German team someday. What happens if Wolff himself leaves the German team? However, a new rumor is floating that Wolff might leave Mercedes.


Toto Wolff Might Leave The German Team Soon!

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff
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Recently, in an interview with Der Western, Toto Wolff mentioned if the team members don’t want him as their boss, he will quit and make way for a new team principal. Adding to that, the Austrian billionaire said he won’t hesitate to take that step as the results of this year’s car (W14) have been really disappointing. Moreover, it is about finding the best person for the job, and if Wolff feels he is not that guy, then he will find someone else to take over his position. On top of that, the Austrian billionaire does not like to hesitate because he feels hesitations suggest one has already made up his mind.

Even though the season has not been completely a disaster, the Mercedes team is not where they wanted to be. Toto Wolff claims they are still not sure if they can fight for the championship in a year’s time. Or if they will get ready and competitive within six months? Moreover, Toto Wolff mentioned that it is essential to take a step forward to try to get back to the number one position. Despite the season has been unsatisfactory, the Mercedes team is still enjoying a healthy lead in second place over Aston Martin and Ferrari.   

Wolff And Hamilton Might Stay In Mercedes As Long As They Have Good Understanding

Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Mirror

Clearly, both Wolff and Hamilton are desperate to get back to winning ways. Since they lost their grip on the title last year. Lewis Hamilton is eagerly waiting to win the coveted eighth title to surpass the great Michael Schumacher. But the Mercedes car has been a bitter disappointment since last year. It is not a good sign for the seven-time champion of the Mercedes team. Moreover, he is on the verge of the end of his current contract with Mercedes.

There has been speculation regarding the contract extension. For instance, Hamilton is not willing to continue with the German team. However, the seven-time champion dismissed such assumptions. And he mentioned that as long as his relationship is tight with Toto Wolff, he is not going anywhere. Moreover, Toto Wolff echoed Hamilton’s reply, saying, emotionally, they have extended the contract. But they just need to complete the formal process.