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“That’s Not His Attitude, Not His Mindset,” Toto Wolff Explains How Lewis Hamilton Has Evolved To Deal With Failures

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton have a great understanding of each other. They are more like family than professional colleagues. Moreover, they are part of the glorious history of Mercedes in Formula One. Wolff and Hamilton joined the German team in the same year, 2013. That marked the beginning of a glorious era. It was the turbo-hybrid era when no other team came even close to the speed of the Mercedes car. From 2014 to 2021, the Brackley team provided their drivers with the fastest car on the grid.

With Toto Wolff as the team principal, Mercedes won eight consecutive constructor championships. But Lewis Hamilton managed to win six driver’s world championships. But recently, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff mentioned the old Lewis Hamilton is not present anymore. According to Wolff, the current version is very different from the earlier Hamilton when he joined the Brackley team. Moreover, Toto Wolff mentioned the current version is Lewis Hamilton 2.0.


Toto Wolff Says The Current Hamilton Is Very Different From The Old Version

Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Eurosport

In a recent interview with Boardroom, a US publication, Toto Wolff mentioned Hamilton had been a great part of the team for so long. The relationship between the team and the driver is also great. When he does not feel good about the car, the team tries to support him, and when the team needs it, he cheers everybody up. That support and dynamic go both ways. Moreover, Toto Wolff mentioned he and Hamilton trust in each other’s ambition and determination.

Adding to that, Wolff noted that Lewis Hamilton believes they are in the same boat and they win or lose together. Toto Wolff mentioned that Lewis Hamilton is able to change his mindset and personality to evolve with time. He does not hesitate to scrutinize himself in order to become a better driver or even a better person, feels Wolff. Moreover, what people may assume that Hamilton is someone who says, “This is who I am,” is totally false. That’s neither his attitude nor his mindset.”    

Lewis Hamilton Is Not Willing To Give Up

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SportsMax

Before joining the Mercedes F1 team, Hamilton already won a championship for McLaren in his second season. But after joining Mercedes, he became a legend. He has been part of the sport for 15 long years. At present, the seven-time champion is 38 years old. There is no chance anybody can deny the greatness of the Briton. He won the most races in the history of the game. Moreover, Hamilton has the most pole positions of all the other drivers of all time. Very few drivers in the sport are as decorated as Hamilton.

However, at the moment, due to the poor car of the Mercedes team, Hamilton has lost his touch on the grip. Many fear the F1 great might not win the coveted eighth title as Red Bull and Max Verstappen have taken center stage. The Austrian team truly has the fastest car on the grid. They are unstoppable at present. But Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are not willing to give up. They know they have to shift focus to the next year’s car in the second half of the current season. However, Mercedes will try to push the W14 car to its limit in the remaining ten races of the season.