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In a big basketball game, the Golden State Warriors played against the Los Angeles Lakers, and it was super exciting! But there was some trouble during the game. Stephen Curry, who is a really important player for the Warriors, talked about the referees after the game. He said they weren’t being fair. Curry’s words got a lot of people talking. Let’s find out what happened and why it’s such a big deal!

Stephen Curry’s Call-Out

Stephen Curry, who is known for shooting well and leading his team, didn’t hold back when talking about the referees after the Warriors lost 145-144 to the Lakers in double overtime. Curry was clearly upset about the referees not being fair and consistent. “You want to be in a place where the players decide the game, or it’s consistent on both ends of what you’re calling,” Curry said, echoing what many players and fans felt.

Stephen Curry
NBA/Stephen Curry

Curry was mostly mad about the big difference in the number of free throws each team got. The Lakers got to try 43 free throws while the Warriors only got 16 chances, making Curry and his teammates feel like they didn’t get a fair deal from the referees. The frustration peaked when LeBron James won the game for the Lakers with two important free throws near the end of the second overtime, making Curry even more upset about the referees’ decisions.

Clash of Titans

Apart from the referee drama, the game also showed a really exciting showdown between two big basketball stars: Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Every play was important, and Curry showed off his shooting skills by scoring 46 points, including nine three-pointers. But even though Curry played so well, it was James who made the crucial plays, scoring 36 points and winning the game with some important free throws. After the game, both Curry and James talked about their rivalry and showed respect for each other. “Every year we get to do this—the back-and-forth battles, all the Finals runs,” Curry said, showing how much he values their competition.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James
NBA/Stephen Curry and LeBron James

The game between the Warriors and Lakers was more than just basketball; it was a thrilling event that captured the attention of fans all over the world. From Curry’s amazing shooting to James’ clutch plays, every moment showed why basketball is so exciting. Even though the Warriors lost, they are determined to bounce back and do better in the tough Western Conference. Every game is important, and the Warriors know they need to keep fighting to reach the playoffs. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in this exciting rivalry between Curry and James. When these two players face off, it’s always a must-watch event that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. In the world of basketball, moments like these shape the history of the game and the players who make it special.