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Stephen Curry Feels It’s Good That He Played The Celtics Game Despite Knee Injury

Stephen Curry had another low-scoring game in the 2023-24 season. This time, it was against the Boston Celtics. The top team of the Eastern Conference just blew the Golden State Warriors away on Sunday. Lately, the Dubs were enjoying a three-game winning streak on the road. Then, they faced the 17-time champions, and the rivalry from the 2022 NBA Finals had a rebirth. However, this time, the Celtics had the upper hand. They destroyed the GSW at TD Garden. The three-point king had no answer for the Celtic’s strong defense. Moreover, Steph did not get to play for most of the game.

He was not healthy because of a knee injury that he suffered in Friday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. However, that’s no excuse for a team looking to make the postseason, lose a regular season game by 52 points. That’s how devastating the loss against the Boston Celtics was for the Dubs. Moreover, the 17-time champions won 140-88 against the Warriors on Sunday. The Celtics are currently enjoying a 48-12 record in the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, the Warriors are, at present, 32-28 in the West. Anyhow, Steph doesn’t think it was a bad idea to play for a few minutes against the Celtics on Sunday. 


Why Stephen Curry Thinks It Was Worth Playing Against The Celtics With Knee Injury?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

On Friday, against the Raptors, Steph injured his knee. But the Warriors won that game. After the blowout defeat to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, Stephen Curry said it was the right decision to go out there and play. When reporters asked about the cause of the injury, Steph replied during the second quarter of the game, he got tangled up on the floor against the Raptors. Moreover, Stephen Curry said that he had a feeling that he would be good to go against the Celtics.

Adding to that, Curry told the reporters that he wanted to ensure the injury did not swell up any more than it already did. On Sunday morning, Stephen Curry checked if he felt any pain in his knee when he went out there. But Curry said, “It was in a good spot.” Later, Steph thought that it was a good idea to play based on what he felt in his knee. Moreover, Stephen Curry only played for 16 minutes. It was the lowest duration he played in a game during the ongoing season. 

The Three-Point King Said Those 16 Minutes Didn’t Make The Workload Feel Any Less

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Indeed, Stephen Curry only played for 16 minutes against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. And he only scored four points. That was his lowest-scoring game this season as well. Anyhow, Curry later mentioned that the 16 minutes did not feel very different. The overall workload was pretty much the same. After all, Steph said, “You have to do the preparation stuff.” Moreover, Curry said that even in those few minutes, the Celtics defense made the game a lot physical for him.

They didn’t give him much scope to shoot. However, Curry did shoot eight three-pointers. But the three-point King failed to score from any of them. Anyhow, Stephen Curry said he is looking forward to the two-day rest before another back-to-back. Lastly, he said, “You gotta take advantage of that.” 

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