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Stephen Curry has been trying his best to help the Golden State Warriors make the postseason. They did not have a great start to the ongoing season. Moreover, the Dub Nation wants the team to win their fifth title in ten years. Then, that will be a perfect domination over a decade. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls did in the 1980s and 1990s, respectively. However, the GSW might not win six titles with the same core as the Bulls did in the 1990s. The modern-day Dynasty will try to do what the Lakers did in the 1980s and 2000s. But winning five NBA championships in ten years looked like a distant dream of the Dubs because of the way they started the current season.

Even now, there is no real confirmation that the Warriors will make the postseason. They had been very inconsistent so far. It started with the back-to-back suspensions of Draymond Green. Later, Klay Thompson also seemed very inconsistent with his shooting skills. But Stephen Curry has been the lone ranger for the Dubs, so far. However, the team is starting to look like they are getting into a good rhythm. Lately, they beat the Indiana Pacers, and Steph praised their team effort in that win. 


Stephen Curry Pointed Out The Team Effort That Helped The Warriors Blew The Pacers Away

Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
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Steph Curry had an incredible game against the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night. He came so close to beating the all-time Klay Thompson’s record of most three-pointers in one game (14). Anyway, the three-pointer King scored 42 points against the Pacers. Moreover, Curry scored 11 three-pointers in their last game on the road before getting on the plane to go home. Klay Thompson could not play the game on the second night of a back-to-back due to a specific illness. In the end, the Warriors won 131-109 against the Pacers. Later, in the post-game interview, Stephen Curry credited the whole team for contributing to this blowout victory.

Of the 42 points, Curry scored 29 in the first half. He knew the Pacers would make some adjustments in the second half. Moreover, Steph said the team felt like they could get a win against the Pacers, and then it was a total team effort from there on. He believes everybody on the list contributed to Thursday’s game. Adding to that, Stephen Curry mentioned that on a back-to-back, it is essential to match the energy and play smart. He loved the competition and the fun vibe. Finally, Curry said it is always great to return home with a win.

Dubs Finish A Pivotal Five-Game Road Trip At 4-1

Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green Source:

Initially, the GSW did not start well in the ongoing season. But now, gradually, they are getting back the winning momentum they so badly needed. Clearly, the return of Draymond Green has helped them a lot. Moreover, youngsters like Jonathan Kuminga and rookie Brandin Podziemski impressed everyone yet again. Kuminga scored 18 points, and Brandin scored 9 points. JK proved that he’s still having a breakout season.

On the five-game road trip, the only game the Warriors lost came against the Atlanta Hawks. That game was frustrating for Stephen Curry because he had an epic 60-point game that night. Next, the Warriors will face off against Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns. Currently, the Dubs are the 11th seed in the Western Conference with a 24-25 record. 

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