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Draymond Green is making it difficult for the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry to make it to the postseason. He has been in trouble since the start of the season. Very early in the 2023-2024 season, the veteran forward received a five-game suspension after getting too physical with opponent players. Later, when he returned from suspension, he got physical again and then landed a suspension for an uncertain period. The opponent players who were on the receiving end of the 2017 Defensive Player of The Year’s antics were Rudy Gobert and Jusuf Nurkic. Gobert is a center of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Jusuf Nurkic is also another center. Nurkic plays for the Phoenix Suns.

After getting physical with these guys, Green was out for almost twenty games with suspensions. His absence really weakened the Golden State Warriors in defense. But when he returned to the lineup, the team sure did get stronger. They even managed to maintain a winning streak for a while. But lately, the Dubs have been very inconsistent. They lost two games in a row and later won two in a row too. Lately, while the team is suffering because of inconsistency, Draymond Green found himself in a terrible confrontation with the referees. An analyst said the Warriors can’t say anything in defense of a guy like Draymond Green. 


Why Warriors And Steph Are Not Defending Draymond Green?

Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green Source: NBA.com

On Wednesday night, the 2017 Defensive Player Of The Year got an early ejection against the Orlando Magic. The Dub Nation did not appreciate Green’s antics, and neither did Nick Wright, a prominent sports analyst. Recently, Wright mentioned while co-hosting “First Things First” on Fox Sports that he read a tweet where someone wrote that Green is like that cousin of the Dubs family who has been to jail seven or eight times. Wright said whoever wrote that tweet is right because that is exactly how the Warriors talk about the veteran forward. Moreover, the Fox Sports analyst mentioned that the Dubs, Steve Kerr, and Stephen Curry are not defending the 2017 Defensive Player of The Year.

What Wright tries to say here is that Draymond Green has been a big disappointment for the Golden State Warriors lately. Moreover, Wright feels the veteran forward is in a dire need of reformation to give up his old habits. Clearly, the fans fear if the veteran forward continues on the same path, he might cost the Warriors the ongoing season. That’s why the fans and Wright have reasons to express their displeasure at Green’s early ejection against the Magic. Moreover, the tweet that Wright talked about perfectly sums up the situation of Dray and the Warriors. 

NBA Commissioner Can Take Strict Actions Against The Dubs Veteran

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Draymond Green almost choked Patty Mills of the Miami Heat lately. Later, in the game against the Orlando Magic, he had too many arguments with the referee. His confrontation with the referee earned him two technical fouls. Eventually, they had to remove him from the game within only four minutes.

These confrontations and occurrences might force NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to take strict disciplinary actions against the 2017 Defensive Player Of The Year. Coming to the later stage of his career, the four-time champion is not doing his name and reputation any favor. But most importantly, Draymond Green is causing more problems for the Warriors and their goals to make the postseason. They are delicately hanging on to the play-in spot. 

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