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LeBron James is back after missing a month’s game schedule. He was playing exceedingly well before the tendon injury gave a big blow. At 38, players generally retire or at least go through a downfall in terms of performance. But it has not been the case for LeBron James. He was still averaging better than most in the current season.

On February 26, in a game against the Mavericks, LeBron James hurt his right foot and mentioned that he heard a “pop.” That was a sign of a severe injury. As a matter of fact, it was, and that led the King to miss 13 games coming to the fag end of the regular season. But now, the Los Angeles Lakers ace is back with a bang. And his all-time critic is also adamant to praise James.


Skip Bayless And Shannon Sharpe Argues Over Lakers’ Playoffs Chances

LeBron James- Skip Bayless
LeBron James Lakers – Skip Bayless

Among the experts, there is one of the worst critics of LeBron James is none other than Mr. Skip Bayless. Skip, as usual, was discussing LeBron and the Lakers with his co-host and the NFL legend, Shannon Sharpe, in their Undisputed show. Shannon is a big Lakers fan, but he does not seem too hopeful after the performance of the team against the Bulls at the United Center. Especially Sharpe criticized Anthony Davis as he said that he could have done a lot better if he wants to be the star of the franchise. Sharpe is not happy with the inconsistency of the Lakers, as he proceeded to say that it will not fare well for them in the playoffs if they make it.

On the other hand, LeBron hater Skip Bayless made a counter-argument. He thinks that the Lakers are a much-balanced side now. And they have got depth that should take them a long way, even winning the whole thing. But most importantly, Skip seemed impressed with LeBron’s comeback against the Bulls. The expert thinks that the break has really helped James.

Bayless mentioned, “James needed time to revitalize and reinvigorate, plus needed to sleep well after passing the great Kareem. The rehab break has helped him in all those ways.” Although it looks a bit odd. In a surprising turn of events, the recent performances of the Lakers have made a great impact. They converted the hater into a believer in the LA side.

LeBron James Is Back

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

The good news for the Lakers is that the King is back. LeBron James returned when there were only eight games left for his team before the postseason. Albeit, it was not a happy return as the Lakers did not win at home against the Bulls. LeBron came off the bench for the first time since 2007. He scored 19 points in that game. But the Lakers got their revenge on the Bulls in Chicago with Anthony Davis leading the team with a terrific 38 points game. This revenge story has impressed many experts in the NBA, especially the Lakers fans who want their team to make the postseason.

After LeBron James returned, the Lakers lost one and won one. Both against the same opponent, Chicago Bulls. Only six games remain, and the Lakers have to make full use of it. Tomorrow night the Lakers will meet the Timberwolves. The two teams are fighting for the 8th seed. Currently, the latter holds the 8th position, with the Lakers in the 9th place. But the Minnesota Timberwolves are a game ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are 38-38, whereas the Timberwolves are 39-38.