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Serious Tensions Mounting Between Lewis Hamilton & George Russell! Boss Toto Wolff Clears His Stance About The Situation

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are more than capable of dominating the grid if they had the right car. But Mercedes has lost its grip on the championship once again because of the poor quality of their W14 car. Both the drivers of the Silver Arrows are waiting for the new upgrades to boost their performances in the upcoming races. Since last season, they have suffered enough. Hamilton, of all people, has not won a race since the horrific 2021 Saudia Arabian Grand Prix. On the other hand, Russell, in his debut season for Mercedes, won his maiden Grand Prix in Brazil last year. And the seven-time world champ came second in the same race.

That one-two finish in Brazil last year was the only success for Mercedes the previous year. But it was a deception for the team as they changed their plans of developing a new concept. Instead, they stuck to the zero side pods concept that made the W13 car so much worse. The team built W14 on the same idea and is now paying the price for it. Clearly, the Red Bull team is way ahead and might win the season comfortably. And Mercedes is now looking at Aston Martin as their competition because team Red Bull is way out of their reach at present. Amid this constructors’ quarrel, reports are coming that Mercedes is facing some inside feud. And yes, we are talking about the drivers’ duo, Lewis Hamilton & George Russell.


Rivalry Intensing Between Lewis Hamilton & George Russell?

Lewis Hamilton, George Russell
George Russell (left) joined Mercedes as Lewis Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes in 2022 (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Apparently, George Russell’s victory at Sao Paolo last year had another effect on the team, which is on the chemistry between the two Mercedes drivers. Under the cost cap era last season, the young Briton looked more comfortable with the car. Hamilton has somehow lost his sweet spot as the dominant driver on the grid. However, he is doing a lot better this year. The 108 GP winner has done a better job than his counterpart to be in 4th position after five races this year.

Currently, George Russell is in 6th position in the drivers’ standings. However, with many more races to go, the inter-Mercedes rivalry is about to grow even more intense. Russell is trying to prove that he is the best Mercedes racer at present. Lewis Hamilton is looking for the coveted eighth title that would separate him from the rest of the F1 drivers in history. However, Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, suggests it just does not matter. He even mentioned that “I don’t follow their rivalry as such. But they push each other.” Mercedes’ boss might not think it is a big deal. But the fans and media experts feel the battle between the 38-year-old veteran and 25-year-old youth is very interesting.

What Will Happen If Mercedes Faces Another Poor Season?

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: CNN

Looks like this season might determine the future of Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton, if he goes through a winless season again, may opt for a new team at the end of the season. His contract ends after the season gets over this year. But changing the team before 2024 is something the seven-time champion may not do. However, this season might prove who is the dominant racer in the Mercedes team. Russell fell down to P6 due to a DNF. Otherwise, he had a chance to have a healthy lead over Hamilton.