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Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

The Golden State Warriors are on a roll at the moment. They have won back-to-back three games. The way the Dubs started the ongoing season was pretty concerning. But the Dub Nation would expect to see the duo of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson get back their form and assist the three-point King as soon as possible. Moreover, it seems Klay is gradually getting back his rhythm. However, other than the tripod – Curry, Green, and Thompson, the Warriors need new players to give their best as well.

After all, the Dubs want to complete the pentagram. They have won four titles with the same tripod in eight years. Now, they are looking forward to winning five championships in ten years. Can they pull it off? Their new rookie Brandin Podziemski is certainly raising hopes. However, against the Boston Celtics, the young rookie hurt his back. But he hopes to come back stronger next Friday.


Brandin Podziemski Claims He Would Be Back On Friday

Brandin Podziemski Warriors
Brandin Podziemski Warriors Source: Basketball Forever

Lately, Podziemski has been making significant contributions to the team. Moreover, the Warriors need him now more than ever because of their compromised lineup. Against the Portland Trail Blazers, the young rookie was impressive with his game-saving charge. He has proved that he can be versatile and skillful. That’s why he is an ideal fit for the Golden State Warriors. In his rookie season, the 20-year-old kid is already showing his passion, shooting, and toughness. The Dub Nation is already noticing him pretty closely, especially after his shout-out to Stephen Curry on the court.

The 20-year-old called Steph Curry the greatest point guard. Brandin Podziemski really seems to admire the leadership and influence of the two-time MVP. After the exciting game against the Celtics, the young rookie wasted no time before shouting out to Steph Curry to lead the team to a clutch win. Moreover, he wished he was there with the team on the court if it was not for his back injury. But he promised that he would be back for the Friday’s game on X.

Warriors Have Made It 13-14 After The Celtics Win

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Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

After winning the first few games, they went on to lose six games on the trot. Moreover, the five-game suspension of Draymond Green dealt a heavy blow to the Dub’s campaign this season. Later on, the big Green returned to the lineup to find himself in trouble again. Back-to-back suspensions so early in the season were definitely not a great sign. Moreover, the fans and experts blamed Steph Curry for not being an able leader who can talk and bring some sense into Dray Green.

After the first 24 games, the Warriors dropped to 10-14. They are still the 11th seed in the Western Conference. But the Dub Nation knows as long as the main man, Steph Curry, is healthy, they have a shot at making the postseason. Albeit, the other two stars, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson have not lived up to the expectations yet. The Warriors have faith in Steph Curry.