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Gerrit Cole tips his cap to a standing ovation from the Yankees crowd after pitching 8 innings. via X NYY

The outrage amongst the Yankee fans isn’t something ever seen before in the franchise’s recent history. The appalling 2023 season has left the supporters completely disappointed and shell-shocked. Perhaps the New York Yankees have lost the faith of the people of NYC. Having said that, the team has the chance to make things right in 2024.

The New York Yankees want to ensure that one bad season doesn’t wipe off decades of hard work. They still want to be counted amongst the top teams of the league. However, a Radio host doesn’t seem to believe so. He has lost confidence in the team’s desire to win a world championship as he sounded off a warning to the passionate fans who are still hopeful of a miracle.


WFAN Radio Hosts Feels Yankees Have Lost The Desire To Win A Ring!

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The winter is upon us, but WFAN radio host Keith McPherson has issued a word of caution to the New York Yankees. As it stands, the Bronx Bombers are expected to make major changes during the coming off-season to revamp the roster. The shortcomings of the 2023 season will be addressed to form a much better and balanced squad. However, the radio host isn’t convinced. He urged the passionate fans not to get their hopes up. “Santa Claus isn’t real. Santa Claus was real when we were kids in the late 90s,” said Keith. McPherson believes that during the ’90s, the team was hungry to win a championship and thus went out of their way to fix things after a lost season.

But he doesn’t see that same fire in the current Yankees unit. Keith apparently lost faith in the front office when they added a pitcher, Carlos Rodon, during this off-season and ignored the lack of offensive depth, due to which they lost the ALCS to the Astros. It’s pretty clear to him that the Yanks are no longer chasing for the 28th World Series title. McPherson’s opinion may seem harsh, but not utterly false. The Yanks have pulled off weird and objectionable things in the past, which has caused a sense of hesitation among the fans. Having said that, this time, the captain Aaron Judge is going to have a vote in every other crucial matter. Thus, the supporters can at least expect the captain to do the right thing if not for Brian Cashman.

Hal Steinbrenner Takes U-Turn On “Deep Dive” Audit Plan!

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Meanwhile, New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner’s indecisive nature is again put on display. Earlier, he promised to conduct a deep dive analysis of the organization by hiring a third-party company. However, as the team closed down on the 2023 season, Hal conveniently took a u-turn.

Andy Martino of SNY learned from his source close to the Yankees organization that Hal Steinbrenner never had a plan for a thorough audit. Instead, he is going to pay a third-party firm to share their analytical usage report so that the front office can compare it with theirs to differentiate. So, was the “deep dive” word a decoy? Or a case of misinformation?