Dylan Cease
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Honestly, the New York Yankees are wasting time when it comes to making moves to bolster the pitching depth for the upcoming MLB season. After Yoshinobu Yamamoto snubbed the franchise for the Dodgers, the top brass has been inactive. Despite having fallback options sorted out, the team has yet to make moves, with just six weeks for spring training.

Having said that, a significant move could be just around the corner, suggests several insiders. Speaking of options, barring a couple of free agency targets, the Yankees could possibly end up in another trade scenario. Moreover, a reputed MLB analyst recently linked the team to a White Sox ace starter in a blockbuster trade deal.


Yankees Wants To Get Dylan Cease’s Trade Deal Done, Reveals Randy Miller!


Dylan Case, Chicago White Sox’s ace starter, remains on sale for this off-season. The White Sox entered a rebuilding phase earlier this off-season and want to acquire young talents. Subsequently, Cease landed up on the trade block. Meanwhile, the pitcher has managed to create significant buzz amongst the team, which is desperate for pitching reinforcement. Needless to say, the New York Yankees emerged as one of the top landing spots for Cease. Amid the buzz, Randy Miller of NJ Media confirmed Yanks’ desperation in a subtle way. Via the latest piece, Miller said that Yanks wants to get Dylan’s deal done. However, to accomplish the dream pursuit, the team will be required to sacrifice key prospects.

Randy Miller further added that the Yankees might have to give up Spencer Jones or No. 1 pitching prospect Chase Hampton to land Dylan Cease in a dream trade deal. Of course, the asking price is steep. But the Yanks need to make clever decisions before taking a plunge on any signing. Having said that, the Bronx Bombers remain out of options, and desperation could induce wild moves. Besides Cease, the Yanks had eyes on free agents Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell. However, while Montgomery still holds a grudge for the 2022 trade, Snell’s ambitious asking price has skyrocketed. Thus, NYY remains at a crucial juncture with respect to its pitching reinforcement campaign. With only six weeks to spring training, it is high time that the top brass initiate some moves on an urgent basis.

Jordan Montgomery Reportedly Holding A Grudge Against Yanks!

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In other news, it seems the New York Yankees mega reunion plans with Jordan Montgomery are likely to fall apart soon. Randy Miller, via a piece on NJ Media, claimed that the ex-pitcher continues to hold a grudge against the franchise, who didn’t want him to be a part of their postseason rotation in 2022. For context, the Yanks traded Jordan back in 2022 to the Cardinals.

From there, he later moved to Texas Rangers in 2023 and won a World Championship by being a lead postseason pitcher. Thus, rumors have it that Jordan Montgomery is more inclined to extend his stay with the Rangers over a reunion with the Yankees. Interestingly, the pitcher earlier said that he holds no bad blood and remains in touch with the likes of Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole. However, the fresh speculations paint a different picture altogether.