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A crucial off-season ahead of the 2024 MLB season is currently underway. However, the New York Yankees are yet to make a substantial move. So far, they have only lost key personnel. First, hitting coach Sean Casey bid adieu owing to personal commitments, followed by bench coach Carlos Mendoza, who received a big promotion in the Mets’ coaching staff.

Thus, the New York Yankees are bound to extend their search for the two empty slots in the coaching staff. They need a strong presence capable of producing a resurgence in 2024. The Yanks are in a dire state and need revival next year. Meanwhile, the New York Post made a big revelation on the front office’s apparent shortlisted candidate.


Yankees Reportedly Interviewed Ex-Pitcher Andrew Bailey For Bench Coach’s Opening!

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Aaron Boone called Carlos Mendoza’s departure as the New York Yankees bench coach a personal loss. Mendoza, who served five years as Boone’s deputy and 14 years as a Yankee personnel, will now manage the New York Mets from 2024. Meanwhile, the front office has apparently shortlisted a few names for a replacement, and the list includes many in-house candidates. Recently, the New York Post claimed that former Yankee pitcher Andrew Bailey appeared for an interview with the Yankee front office on Monday. However, it’s just a formal procedure, and no decision has been made thus far. Andrew Bailey, the former Yankees pitcher, kicked off his coaching career in 2019 with the Los Angeles Angels as a coaching coordinator.

A year later, he moved to the San Francisco Giants to serve as a pitching coach. Now, after three years, Bailey intends to seek a better opportunity elsewhere. So far, the former pitcher has been linked to the Boston Red Sox as they have a vacancy for a pitching coach. But it’s highly unlikely for Bailey to head to that route. Additionally, Bailey’s reunion with Yanks makes sense. He is an ideal candidate owing to his in-depth knowledge of the franchise’s internal working system. As a former Yankee himself, Andrew can gel with the players with utmost ease, which is a big plus. While Bailey’s coaching resume may not be as extensive as some other candidates, his rapid ascent through the ranks suggests that he possesses the qualities necessary to thrive in a coaching role.

Ex-Cubs Manager Refuses To Serve Under Aaron Boone!

David Ross
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David Ross emerged as another top shortlisted candidate for the New York Yankees’ bench coach’s role. The Chicago Cubs recently fired Ross from the managerial position owing to the 2023 season debacle. Also, Ross is great friends with Yankee skipper Aaron Boone, as the duo worked together for ESPN as analysts in the past.

However, David Ross is not very keen on the alleged offer. As per The Athletic, Ross considered the bench coach’s role a demotion and does not want to serve under any manager, let alone Aaron Boone. He has been working as a manager for quite a while now and would love to stick to that role. Going ahead in the future, David Ross wants to continue being a manager of a major league team.