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Rui Hachimura Might Get To Start Over Christian Wood Amid Roster Lineup Confusion

The Los Angeles Lakers had a very satisfying offseason indeed. They managed to execute what they planned to do. The Lakers wanted to keep the core together. However, the team really suffered because of AD’s inconsistency due to stress injuries. Hence, the Lakers planned to bring support for Anthony Davis at the center. Even AD asked the Lakers to get support because he really does not like to play in that position too long.

Hence, the front office has been looking for reinforcements for a long time in the current offseason. Finally, they got someone who the LA side feels can play alongside AD to reduce some of his workload. They signed Christian Wood for a two-year contract worth $5.7 million. However, the fact of the matter is if Wood is in the team, the question arises: would he be in the starting lineup? But there is Rui Hachimura in the team as well. Last season, he proved that he is a valuable asset after his performance in the playoffs.


Will Rui Hachimura Get To Start Over Christian Wood?

Christian Wood
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The Gonzaga product was one of the three essential retentions for the Lakers this year. Moreover, the Lakers were desperate to keep Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell on their roster. And they were successful in doing that. The Lakers retained Hachimura for a three-year contract worth $51 million. But Christian Wood’s contract is worth $5.7 million. Hence, Hachimura is more likely to start over Wood in the lineup. Moreover, The Athletic’s Jovan Buha feels the LA side will give the Japanese that preference. The fact is both Hachimura and Wood are quality big men.

But looking at the Gonzaga product’s worth, he should get the preference. Moreover, Christian Wood has a player option in the second year of his two-year deal, like D’Angelo Russell’s contract. Christian Wood will surely increase depth on the bench as a big man who can play alongside Anthony Davis. Moreover, Wood will be helpful when AD moves closer to the four as he likes to do so. However, Rui Hachimura will have a larger role and more game time than the newly-signed. Moreover, Rui Hachimura showed potential in the defense as well in the offense as a sharp three-point shooter. He is handy and can be a valuable asset for the Lakers in the future.

The LA Lakers Has A Lot Of Faith In The Same Core As Last Season

Anthony Davis Austin Reaves Lakers
Anthony Davis Austin Reaves Lakers Source:

After all, the same core helped them reach the conference finals last season. Moreover, the LA side now has balance and stability in the locker room. Despite they lost the Western Conference Finals in a humiliating way. The way the 17-time champions turned things around raised hopes of the Lakers Nations that they might go all the way to win the last season.

However, the eventual champions, Denver Nuggets, with a better offense, enjoyed a dominating victory in the conference finals. But the Lakers were the best defense last season, thanks to Anthony Davis. The eight-time All-Star was the anchor of the LA side’s defense and spearhead of their offense.