Rob Pelinka Lakers
Rob Pelinka Lakers Source: Sportsnet

Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka did a great job last February, bringing balance to the roster. At one point, it seemed they would not be able to make the postseason due to a horrible start. But the midseason changes brought a new culture to the group that helped the Lakers make the postseason after all. The 17-time champions went on to shock everybody to reach the Western Conference Finals. On their way to the finals, the Lakers knocked out Memphis Grizzlies, the second-seed team. And the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors.

However, they could not go past the eventual champions, Denver Nuggets. Despite that, the front office has faith in the core that formed in February. Apparently, Rob Pelinka, the Lakers GM, believes in the concept that this core group of people can win a championship next year. However, the concern was that many players were up for free agency this offseason. But looks like as soon as the free agency started, Rob Pelinka made some brilliant moves.


Experts Praise Rob Pelinka For Incredible Work On Day 1 Of Free Agency

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka
Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Source: Bleacher Report

At first, Pelinka made sure that the Laker’s reserve bench remained strong. Hence, the Lakers signed a three-year contract extension worth $51 million with Rui Hachimura. He, along with Austin Reaves, has been a restricted free agent. But the Lakers did not waste any time to secure the Japanese for three more years. Moreover, the new entries for the Lakers after the first day of free agency are Taurean Prince for a year deal worth $4.5 million. On the other hand, the Lakers were rooting for Bruce Brown from the Denver Nuggets. However, the Indiana Pacers offered more money to Brown. As a result, Purple & the Gold signed Gabe Vincent from the Miami Heat to strengthen the team’s defense.

Reportedly, Rob Pelinka offered Vincent a three-year agreement worth $33 million. Moreover, the icing on the cake move was when the Lakers GM signed Cam Reddish for the veteran’s minimum salary for a two-year contract. It feels like forever that Reddish and the Lakers have been linked together. Finally, Pelinka made sure Reddish wore the Purple and Gold Jersey. Hence, fans and experts are praising the Lakers and Rob Pelinka’s performance on the first day of free agency. In the episode of ESPN’s NBA Today, Kendrick Perkins mentioned, “Rob Pelinka has been spectacular. The Lakers are on top of their game in the free agency.

Lakers Willing To Extend Austin Reaves’s Contract For Another Four Years

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Lakers Nation

But most importantly, the news every Lakers fan has been waiting for was what the purple and gold are planning to do with Austin Reaves. As it turns out, the 17-time champions are planning to offer the Oklahoma Sooners kid a four-year contract worth $52 million. According to ESPN, the Lakers will not only extend a four-year agreement. But also match up any deal that other teams are willing to offer Reaves. Technically, Rob Pelinka and the Lakers have locked Austin Reaves in free agency. Moreover, Reaves, in his second season, has become the third most important player for the Lakers after LeBron James and Anthony Davis.