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Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton together rewrote the history books of Formula One by dominating the sport for nearly a decade. During that era, while the team clinched eight constructors titles, Hamilton secured six. The Briton’s personal tally could have been seven if it wasn’t for the human error during the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP.

Nevertheless, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton’s association is still going stronger than ever. The latter recently signed a two-year extension deal, thus confirming his contention till 2025. However, Hamilton, despite being one of the most successful drivers on the grid, has been constantly ridiculed for his struggle throughout the 2022 and 2023 seasons. Well, the boss, Toto Wolff, is certainly not happy with the public outrage.


Toto Wolff Feels Lewis Hamilton Is Being Wrongly Offended By Critics!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, arguably one of the greatest drivers of the sport of Formula One, is currently facing unprecedented times. The uncompetitive car provided by Mercedes has led to a constant struggle. Not only that, the British driver, who holds the record for most career wins, has gone with one since the 2021 Saudi Arabia GP. One can only imagine the agony the driver has gone through. However, some critics have remained hard on Lewis as they constantly put the blame for the Mercedes debacle on the driver. The unjust criticism has irked boss Toto Wolff, who shares a great bond with Hamilton.

In a recent interview, Toto Wolff said that he constantly feels the urge to protect Lewis Hamilton from the criticism. He feels that many people tend to purposely offend the seven-time world champion, which is not right in his eyes. Wolff reaffirmed that the Briton is indeed the greatest driver of all time, and he feels blessed enough to have had the opportunity to work with him. “I pinch myself every day for working with the best of all time,” added Toto Wolff. Indeed, the constant scrutiny tends to cross the line many times. Hamilton deserves much more respect for what he has given to the sport. The constant effort to try to pull him down in his worst moments is not something that suits the true fan of the sport.

George Russell Claims Toto Wolff Has Relatively More Respect For Hamilton!


Meanwhile, George Russell recently made some revelations about Toto Wolff’s relationship with Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton. He feels that the team boss has much more respect in his heart for the seven-time world champion compared to him. It’s because when Lewis joined the team, he was already a champion and a megastar. Whereas Toto has just joined the sport as the team principal.

George Russell explained that in his case, Toto signed him when he was just 16 and a rookie at best. Having said that, the mutual respect is still there. Moreover, Russell credited Wolff for nurturing him and helping him unlock his best potential.”Our relationship has gone from – I am not going to say a paternal figure – but I would class ourselves more as friends now,” added Russell.